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Muffin the Mule
with Annette Mills (who writes the songs) and Ann Hogarth (who pulls the strings).

Children's Newsreel

Road Safety Poster Competition
Maurice Rickards shows how he designs posters and invites you to take part in a National Road Safety Poster Competition.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents will judge the competition with Maurice Rickards, and has promised to print and publish the winning entry if suitable for showing throughout the country.

The Lighter Side of School
A comedy ballet by Sonya Hana.
(Sheila O'Neill appears by permission of Jack Hylton)
See 'Television Diary': facing page

(to 18.00)


Presenter/songwriter (Muffin the Mule):
Annette Mills
Puppeteer (Muffin the Mule):
Ann Hogarth
Presenter (Road Safety Poster Competition):
Maurice Rickards
Writer (The Lighter Side of School):
Sonya Hana
Music (The Lighter Side of School):
Darius Milhaud
Decor (The Lighter Side of School):
Michael Yates
Presented by (The Lighter Side of School):
Stanley Haynes
Girl with lollipop:
Mary Brooks
Her two friends:
Kathrin Beetham
Her two friends:
Josephine Spaull
Girl with spectacles:
Sheila O'Neill
Boy with onions:
David Hurst
Jacqueline Livingstone
Jackie's friend:
Wendy Hyde
Joan Turner
P.T. Instructor:
Richard Brown

with Lady Barnett, Pat Kirkwood, David Nixon and Gilbert Harding trying to find the answers and Eamonn Andrews to see fair play.
('What's My Line?' was devised by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman and is presented by arrangement with C.B.S. of America and Maurice Winnick)

(Pat Kirkwood is appearing in 'Peter Pan' at the Scala Theatre, London)


Lady Barnett
Pat Kirkwood
David Nixon
Gilbert Harding
Eamonn Andrews
Presented by:
Dicky Leeman

(See top of page and page 39)

A play by Jacques Deval.
Adapted by Robert B Sherwood.
[Starring] Ann Todd and Peter Cushing

(Second performance: Thursday at 7.30 p.m.)

Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna and her husband, Prince Mikhail Alexandrovitch Ourartieff, living the hard life common among Russian exiles, are reduced to a little mild shoplifting in the Paris markets. The Prince has a fortune in the bank, but his promise to the late Tsar, for whom he holds it in trust, forbids him to spend it on the grocer's bills. Life, as he says, is very, very sad and very, very beautiful. When the Grand Duchess and when the Prince solemnly decide that, in their extremity, work is the only solution, life also becomes very, very amusing, and particularly so when the royal couple is played by the film star Ann Todd and Peter Cushing, a television star in his own right. As butler and parlour maid in the household of a French banker, these exalted servants have a remarkable impact on their unwitting employers and upon the two young members of the family. Many of their activities, like osculation and fencing for example, maybe outside the normal curriculum of domestic science, but they bring surprising quantities of sweetness and light into a conventional home. In the circumstances, nobody could be blamed for the results of the banker's momentous dinner party. Russians can be red or white, nice or nasty, but they are seldom predictable (Barney Keelan)


Jacques Deval
Adapted by:
Robert B Sherwood
Eric Fawcett
Roy Oxley
Prince Mikhail Alexandrovitch Ouratieff:
Peter Cushing
Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna:
Ann Todd
Count Feodor Brekenski:
Andrew Laurence
Chauffourier-Dubieff George Memit Martelleau:
Harold Jamieson
Fernande Dupont:
Frances Rowe
Charles Dupont:
Clive Morton
Louise, the cook:
Beatrice Rowe
Georges Dupont:
Michael Newell
Helene Dupont:
Ruth Shiell
Gerald C. Lawson
Madame Van Hemert:
Agnes Lauchlan
Madame Chauffourier-Dubieff:
Isolde James
Commissar Gorotchenko:
Richard Marner

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