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A special appearance of The Flowerpot Men: Bill and Ben and the Potatoman
Audrey Atterbury and Molly Gibson pull the strings
Gladys Whitred sings the songs
Peter Hawkins speaks the voices
Maria Bird writes the songs and music
(A BBC Television Film)

Children's Newsreel

All Your Own
A programme in which children from all over Great Britain have been invited to take part.
Introduced by Huw Wheldon.

(to 18.00)


Puppeteer (The Flowerpot Men):
Audrey Atterbury
Puppeteer (The Flowerpot Men):
Molly Gibson
Singer (The Flowerpot Men):
Gladys Whitred
Voices (The Flowerpot Men):
Peter Hawkins
Songwriter/music (The Flowerpot Men):
Maria Bird
Presenter (All Your Own):
Huw Wheldon
Music directed by (All Your Own):
Steve Race
Editor (All Your Own):
Cliff Michelmore
Presented by (All Your Own):
Shaun Sutton

from Sutton Baptist Church.
Conducted by the Rev. H.V. Larcombe.
Scripture Sentences
Come. ye thankful people, come (B.C.H. 670)
Invocation and the Lord's Prayer
Lesson: Psalm 103
Reception of children's harvest gifts
The Offering and Prayer of Dedication
Lesson: St. Luke 17. vv. 11-19
Anthem: I will lay me down in peace (Noble)
Prayers of Thanksgiving, Confession, and Intercession
We plough the fields (B.C.H. 667)
Praise, O praise our God and King (B.C.H. 666)
Vesper: Nunc Dimittis
(to 19.30 app.)


Service conductor:
The Rev. H.V. Larcombe
Organist and choirmaster:
Francis Church

with Roy Rich in the chair and Elizabeth Gray, Kenneth Horne, Leslie Phillips, Patricia Cutts finding the letters.
(Patricia Cutts is appearing in 'Four Winds' at the Phoenix Theatre, London; Leslie Phillips is in 'For Better, For Worse' at the Comedy Theatre, London)


Roy Rich
Elizabeth Gray
Kenneth Horne
Leslie Phillips
Patricia Cutts
Special effects:
Alfred Wurmser
The game devised by:
Polly S. Cowan
The game devised by:
Louis G. Cowan
Presented by:
Dicky Leeman

by Fritz Hochwaelder.
Adapted by Kitty Black.
(See top of this page)
(Second performance: Thursday at 7.15)

With William Sylvester
A play by Fritz Hochwaelder
Adapted by Kitty Black

In the rough-and-tumbril of the French Revolution, the first essential of living was to keep one's head - and Citizen Fouquier-Tinville has, in both meanings of the phrase, kept his. As Public Prosecutor he has been the dread instrument of the Reign of Terror which has brought hundreds of victims to the guillotine. His ruthlessness has earned him security. He can look back on his prosecution of the proud Marie Antoinette and on the fall of the early leaders of the Revolution. Danton, who had introduced the arbitrary tribunal of death, has become the victim of his own invention; Robespierre himself has followed his predecessors to the block. Fouquier-Tinville remains.
But his work is about to enter a new phase As the play opens, the reins of government have passed to the hands of Tallien - or, more accurately, of Madame Theresia Tallien - and the ' Terror' is drawing to a close. To the relief of the Public Executioner there are to be no more mass executions. There is but one further task for the Prosecutor, one last enemy of the Republic who must die. He holds high government office, but Madame Tallien is powerful enough to demand his death. The case can be left to Fouquier-Tinville. (Kenneth A. Hurren)


Fritz Hochwaelder
Adapted by:
Kitty Black
Barry Learoyd
Dennis Vance
A.C. Hawkins
John Moffatt
William Sylvester
Esme Percy
Ernest Thesiger
Theresia Tallien:
Googie Withers
Thomas Heathcote
Harry Ross
John Ford
Gerald Limbrick

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