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Cross My Heart. A battered wife takes her revenge. A new locum is found for Best.
Writer Ray Brooking
More cast on Monday


Ray Brooking
Dr Mike Miles:
Michael J Jackson
Lee Bovey:
Daniel Newman
DI Green:
Nick Stringer
Stella Bovey:
Heledd Baskerville
Haley Roberts:
Chandra Ruegg
Diane Roberts:
Uewella Gideon
Maureen Samuels:
Elizabeth Bell
David Samuels:
Craig Cheetham
Thomas Field:
Brian Peck
Nicky Bell
PC Brad Phillips:
Gavin Cooper

Ends 5.35.
Arthur The aardvark has a new piano teacher. Then, Buster signs up to sell chocolate for the band.
4-10 50/50 New series 1/15. Pupils from Leeds and Warrington take on each other as the inter-schools game show returns. Angellica Bell
Presides over events, which include the new game Spike.
4.35 Ace Lightning Mark's class goes on a field trip to Lord Fear's carnival.
5.00 Really Wild Show New series
1/14. Michaela Strachan takes a look at the plight of dancing bears in India, Nick Baker gets up close to rattlesnakes in Arizona, while new recruit Steve Backshall embarks on a tour of Australia. With Eils Hewitt. Repeated tomorrow 7.30am
5.25 Newsround


Michaela Strachan
Nick Baker
Steve Backshall
Eils Hewitt.

The team investigate a mortgage lender whose borrowers have had enough. With Nicky Campbell and Kate Sanderson. Executive producer Lisa Ausden ; Editor Doug Carnegie


Nicky Campbell
Kate Sanderson.
Lisa Ausden

Sharon confronts Dennis, with an outcome that shocks Den. Patrick has a proposal on his mind.
Cast on Thursday Repeated at 10pm on BBC3
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EastEnders 7.30pm BBC1
Crikey, when did Tennessee Williams rise from the dead and start writing for EastEnders? Tonight's episode is seething with sexual tension, guilt, betrayal, torment and the shadow of a sudden, violent death. And if Dennis Rickman ever strips down to his vest a la Marlon Brando, the picture will be complete.
Most of the episode is taken up with Sharon and Dennis - Sharon doing what she does best, looking all mournful, as Dennis is given a spectacularly lengthy monologue about what it feels like to kill someone. Well, you have to get these things out of the way at the start of any relationship, don't you?
Dennis, even more tortured than usual, spills the beans because Big Daddy himself, Den Watts, has let Sharon in on a little secret in an attempt to split up the young lovers - that Dennis murdered Dalton. Cue lots of angst and melodrama as Sharon goes round to speak to Dennis to hear his side of the story. Will she dump him for being a killer, or will she be overwhelmed by his musky animal magnetism?
It's all tremendously overheated, but by the end you might find yourself wishing that they'd all just shut up. That goes double for the irritating Vicki, who has a few little moments of her own, shouting at her dad and demanding that he recognise Dennis as part of their "family". Will someone please give her a clip around the ear? (AG)
TV's most wanted men: page 18
Alison Graham's Soap & Flannel: page 40
Who cooks the food in Albert Square?: page 40


Sarah Phelps

Past Caring. Ric is suspicious when a familiar face turns up. Ed is shocked when someone threatens to blackmail him. Former EastEnder Nicholas R Bailey guest-stars.
Writer Julia Wall ; Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd ; Director Indra Bhose


Nicholas R Bailey
Julia Wall
Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Indra Bhose
Ric Griffin:
Hugh Quarshie
Zubin Khan:
Art Malik
Tom Campbell-Gore:
Denis Lawson
Ed Keating:
Rocky Marshall
Chrissie Williams:
Tina Hobley
Owen Davis:
Mark Moraghan
Lisa Fox:
Luisa Bradshaw-White
Jess Griffin:
Verona Joseph
Donna Jackson:
Jaye Jacobs
Mickie Hendrie:
Kelly Adams
Robert Pullman:
Joseph Beattie
Elinor Morton:
Rosie Marcel
Neil Morton:
Nicholas R Bailey
Ben Illis
Tania Burgess:
Alexandra Weaver
James Burgess:
Colin Tarrant
Peter Royse:
Stephen Hudson

5/8. Environmental health officers visit the Tower Hamlets mortuary to investigate a suspicious death. They then have to deal with rotting meat found illegally dumped on the London borough's streets. Narrated by John Peel.
Producer Joyce Trozzo ; Series producerColin Naphine


John Peel.
Joyce Trozzo

Window and the Weather. In the wake of a huge storm, St Bamabas's Church is in need of a new stained-glass window. Writer Richard Curtis
Director Dewi Humphreys ; Producer Jon Plowman


Richard Curtis
Dewi Humphreys
Jon Plowman

Jesus's message was so radical that he and most of his supporters paid with their lives, so why has the significance of Easter shifted from the Crucifixion to confectionery? Rock legend and Christian Rick Wakeman trawls the country for any surviving influences attributable to the first-century firebrand. Director/Producer Jonathan Mayo


Christian Rick Wakeman
Jonathan Mayo

Drama starring Jack n Nicholson and Anjelica Huston. When Freddy Gale learns that the man who killed his daughter in a drink-drive accident is out of prison, he vows to kill him. Review page 54. Director Sean Penn (1995.15)
Followed by Weathervlew


Anjelica Huston.
Freddy Gale
Sean Penn

Signed programmes. Ends 4.20.
See Hear Shown on Saturday at 12 noon on BBC2
2.30 Danger on the Beach 2/8. The coastal rescue teams have their work cut out on the hottest day ever recorded in the UK.
3.00 Met Osama Bin Laden An insight into the mind of arguably the world's most wanted man. First shown on BBC2
3.50 Big Cat Week 5/5. Kike the cheetah walks straight into the lion territory. Lioness Bibi searches for her lost cubs.


Osama Bin Laden

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