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Starting with 6.30-6.55 Business Breakfast
Business and financial news.
Followed at 7.00 by the morning news programme. Headlines: news summaries every quarter hour. Business news: 7.12, 7.40, 8.12,8.40.
Sport: 7.23, 7.50, 8.23, 8.50.
Weather, regional and traffic 6.55,7.25,7.55,8.25,8.55.


Bob Wheaton

Seventh of a 12-part science fiction comedy thriller. Zoe wants to be the Gala Princess.
Written by Pip and Jane Baker ●STEREO


Jane Baker
Garth Napier Jones
Tom Brodie
Jessica Simpson

Madge and Harold get an unexpected visitor.


Madge Bishop:
Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop:
Ian Smith
Jim Robinson:
Alan Dale
Paul Robinson:
Stefan Dennis
Helen Daniels:
Anne Haddy
Des Clarke:
Paul Keane
Todd Landers:
Kristian Schmid
Jue Mangel:
Mark Little
Matthew Robinson:
Ashley Paske
Melissa jarrett:
Jade Amenta
Melanie Pearson:
Lucinda Cowden
Caroline Alessi:
Gillian Blakeney
Christina Alessi:
Gayle Blakeney
Josh Anderson:
Jeremy Angerson
Ryan McLachlan:
Richard Norton
Dorothy Burke:
Maggie Dence
Toby Mangel:
Ben Geurens
Gemma Ramsay:
Beth Buchanan
Cody Willis:
Amelia Frid
Doug Willis:
Terence Donovan
Pam Willis:
Sue Jones
Adam Willis:
Ian Williams
Miranda Fryer
on BBC One London

Entertainment with Terry Wogan and his guests. Producer Natalie Elsey
Executive producer Peter Estall ● STEREO


Terry Wogan
Natalie Elsey
Peter Estall

Every week on British roads, dozens of people are killed and hundreds seriously injured because of the way cars are designed. Watchdog has discovered car manufacturers are pouring millions of pounds into producing cars which they must know are more dangerous than they could or should be. This special edition of the programme is devoted to the search for safer vehicles and more protection for drivers and passengers on Britain's roads. With Lynn Faulds Wood and John Stapleton. Editor Sarah Caplin
0 SUGGESTIONS: ring [number removed]or write to Watchdog. BBC White City. 201 Wood Lane , London W 12 7TS.


John Stapleton.
Sarah Caplin
Wood Lane

Fourth in a six-part series revealing our lives from the animals' point of view.

A look at the part other creatures play in the mysterious world of human belief. Bushmen trance dance in the company of animals and Aborigines use bees to find honey. In Bali's holiest cave, worshippers appear as pulsing sound images to its native bats. On the misty Ganges turtles wait for a macabre meal, and in the market a holy cow becomes an aggressive shopper. Eighty thousand of Thailand's storks crowd a temple sanctuary and, fed by monks, huge catfish make the water boil. In Italy snakes sway from the top of a saint's statue and in America rattlesnakes, with their infrared sight, see haunting thermal auras of people interpreting the Bible literally and "taking up serpents" to reinforce their faith. Through animals' bizarre sensory worlds Lifesense reveals how changing human belief has affected other life.
Narrated by Andrew Sachs. Producer John Downer
(Teletext subtitles: page 888)
BBC Book: £15.95, from booksellers.
BBC Wildlife Magazine: December issue includes features on man's perception of the pig, and wildlife cameramen's encounters with parasites. Plus a chance to win a place on an Earthwatch conservation project in Vietnam. From newsagents, £1.75.
Nature: page 10


Andrew Sachs.

Has the Thatcherite housing agenda led to a housing crisis, with family homes being repossessed because of over-extended mortgages and too little money going into public housing? In the month when the housing charity
Shelter is 25 years old, Nisha Pillai examines the housing crisis in Britain.
Editor Mark Thompson


Nisha Pillai
Mark Thompson

An innovative American musical drama, set in the Los Angeles police department, created by Steven Bochco. No Noose Is Good Noose
Kendrick organises a public relations stunt to appease his accusers, but even Ossie admits to regarding his boss as a racist. LaRusso's trial reaches its climax.


Steven Bochco.
Chief Roger Kendrick:
Ronny Cox
Mayor Louise Plank:
Barbara Bosson
Vincent LaRusso:
Peter Onorati
David Gianopoulos
Vicki Quinn:
Anne Bobby
Ralph Ruskin:
Ron McLarty

Ruth Mott re-creates the lost world of Victorian cooking. Supper. As dinner got later, supper became little more than a snack. It usually consisted of cold meats, pickles and jellies, although supper balls were more elaborate. Ruth Mott makes raspberry jelly, pickled nasturtium seeds, and a salmagundi salad, a medley topped with anchovies.
Presented by Peter Thoday. Producer Keith Sheather
● BBC BOOK: £9.99, from booksellers


Ruth Mott
Ruth Mott
Presented By:
Peter Thoday.
Keith Sheather

BBC One London

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