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from St Peter's Church, Bournemouth
Celebrant: Rev Philip Barrett
Preacher: The Rector, Rev Colin Deedes


Rev Philip Barrett
Rev Colin Deedes
Director of Music:
John Belcher
Geoffrey Morgan
Television Presentation:
John Dobson

Last of 20 programmes: presented by Roy Hudd and Irene Thomas
with Eileen Fowler

(Repeated: Thursday 1.0 pm)
Seventy Plus, 30p from bookshops


Roy Hudd
Irene Thomas
Keep-fit instructor:
Eileen Fowler
Charles Pascoe
Executive Producer:
Sheila Innes
Brigit Barry

A series of ten programmes for hearing-impaired people

How can the deaf take a more active part in their own affairs? What plans are there for an improved deal for the deaf in Britain? Jack Ashley, CH, MP, presents the second of two personal views and talks amongst others to Rt Hon Barbara Castle, MP, Secretary of State for Social Services.
(The programme will be captioned for those who cannot hear.)

Book (same title) 85p, from bookshops


Jack Ashley
The Rt Hon Barbara Castle
David Allen

A personal view of childhood in different societies by Urie Bronfenbrenner

'Chairman Mao is more dear to us than our parents', sing kindergarten children in China. Children growing up in all societies are surrounded by models which guide them into the roles they will play as adults. Some of these models are the real people in their lives, others the product of media and ideology. Which images are the most influential? What are the implications for children if we alter the traditional roles of mother and father?

(Repeated: Monday 7.5 pm BBC2)


Urie Bronfenbrenner
Film Editor:
Peter Orton
Dick Foster
Eurfron Gwynne

Written and presented by Derek Cooper

Once completely covered in trees; in the early 19th century peppered with lead mines; now it's evolved into a beautiful rural valley, well-farmed and much used by tourists seeking escape from the industrial North East.
But there could be another change, from a boom in cement and fluorspar mining. The landscape and the community could suffer a further upheaval. Do the people who live there want it, and do any of the rest of us care?


Derek Cooper
Series Producer:
Peter Crawford
Tom Dood
John Kenyon

Starring Ben Murphy as Jones and Roger Davis as Smith
with guest stars J.D. Cannon, James Drury, Larry Storch

Smith and Jones are in real trouble. After a long chase by a determined sheriff and his hard-riding posse they are finally captured. Only one person can help them now - their old enemy, Harry Briscoe!
(First shown on BBC2)


Ben Murphy
Roger Davis
J.D. Cannon
James Drury
Larry Storch

by Eleanor H. Porter
Dramatised in six parts by Joy Harington
Starring Elaine Stritch as Aunt Polly

Pollyanna is a little girl with a remarkable gift for looking on the bright side. When she goes to live with her Aunt Polly, she walks into a situation that might have been specially designed for her therapeutic talents.


Eleanor H. Porter
Dramatised by:
Joy Harington
John McRae
June Wyndham Davies
Aunt Polly:
Elaine Stritch
Paddy Frost
Old Tom:
Donald Bisset
Robert Coleby
Telegraph boy:
Ian Pigot
Elizabeth Archard
Lillian Padmore

by N.J. Crisp
Starring Jean Anderson, Patrick O'Connell, Jennifer Wilson
with Robin Chadwick, Derek Benfield

Whilst Edward settles comfortably into marriage and David starts to enjoy life again, Paul Merroney quietly and skilfully begins to feather his own nest...
If Edward expects Jennifer to forget his own past, then he must forget hers...


Writer/Created by:
N.J. Crisp
Created by:
Gerard Glaister
Script Editor:
Douglas Watkinson
Gavin Davies
Ken Riddington
Lennie Mayne
Clare Miller:
Carole Mowlam
Paul Merroney:
Colin Baker
Bill Riley:
Derek Benfield
Mary Hammond:
Jean Anderson
Reg Turner:
Kenneth Watson
David Hammond:
Robin Chadwick
Jennifer Hammond:
Jennifer Wilson
Edward Hammond:
Patrick O'Connell
Gwen Riley:
Margaret Ashcroft
Don Stacey:
Mike Pratt
Jane Maxwell:
Kate O'Mara
Michael Gaunt
Norman Pitt
Charles Daventry:
Frederick Treves
Bert Reed:
Raymond Adamson
Doctor's receptionist:
Patricia Prior
Mrs Palmer:
Marcia Ashton

Starring Charlton Heston, Maximilian Schell
with Kathryn Hays, Leslie Nielsen

Belgium, 1944: during the Battle of the Bulge, a symphony orchestra entertaining American servicemen is captured by a German Panzer division under orders to shoot all prisoners.
The executions are prevented by the intervention of General Schiller, an avid music lover who offers to spare the orchestra if its conductor Lionel Evans will agree to conduct a concert for him. Evans, however, refuses....

This Week's Films: page 13


Based on the novel "The General" by:
Alan Sillitoe
Ralph Nelson
Lionel Evans:
Charlton Heston
General Schiller:
Maximilian Schell
Annabelle Rice:
Kathryn Hays
Victor Rice:
Leslie Nielsen
Colonel Arndt:
Anton Diffring
Lt Long:
Linden Chiles
Sgt Calloway:
Pete Masterson
Capt Klingerman:
Curt Lowens
Neva Patterson
Cyril Delevanti
Gregory Morton
Parley Baer
Dan Drazer
Ed Peck

Pinchas Zukerman is one of the world's greatest violinists. This film traces his development from his birth in Israel in 1948 to his current association with the English Chamber Orchestra as soloist/conductor. It includes tape recordings from the age of nine, and film performances from the age of 19, including his official New York debut. Filmed in Spoleto, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, New York, London and Munich. With music by Bach, Corelli, Mozart, Wieniawsky, Beethoven, Telemann, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Vivaldi.
An Allegro Film

(Mozart's Symphony No 29 and the fourth Violin Concerto from the concert in Munich will be on BBC2 15 June)


Pinchas Zukerman
Lighting Cameraman:
David Findlay
Film Editor:
Peter Day
Executive Producer:
Mike Wooller
Christopher Nupen

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