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9.15 Mathematics in Action: The Future
Introduced by Benedict Nixon

9.38 Maths Today: Year 2: Both Ways Round
Introduced by Stewart Gartside

10.0 Maths Workshop: Stage 2: One Thing Depends on Another
Introduced by Jim Boucher

10.25-10.45 Twentieth-Century Focus: Yugoslav Communism

11.0 Watch!: Visiting Australia: The Big Sea
Introduced by Rosanne Harvey

11.18 Going to Work: Pay Packet
by Cedric Blackman

11.40 Making Music
Introduced by Julian Smith
with children from Lovelace Junior School, Chessington, Surrey


Presenter (Mathematics in Action):
Benedict Nixon
Producer (Mathematics in Action):
Edward Goldwyn
Presenter (Maths Today):
Stewart Gartside
Producer (Maths Today):
John Cain
Presenter (Maths Workshop):
Jim Boucher
Producer (Maths Workshop):
Peter Weiss
Presenter (Watch!):
Rosanne Harvey
Producer (Watch!):
Helen Nicoll
Writer (Going to Work):
Cedric Blackman
Presenter (Making Music):
Julian Smith
Producer (Making Music):
John Hosier

by John Tully


John Tully
Incidental Music:
Jonathan Cohen
Dorothea Brooking
Mrs Smithers:
Elizabeth Bradley
Steve Brookes:
John Baldwin
Mrs Latham:
Julie May
Mr Latham:
Will Stampe
Brian Latham:
Charles Bolton
Meg Grainger:
Victoria Maddern
Angela West:
Jane Anthony
'Lofty' Tripp:
Gregory Munroe
Dave Crabtree:
Arthur Wild
Garry Fuller:
Robin Davies
Eddie Smith:
Ian Ellis
Harvey Briggs:
Hugo Keith-Johnston
'The Gift'

Sense and Nonsense with Tony Hart and Pat Keysell who introduces it also for deaf children with Ben Benison
The Prof, The Burbles, Humphrey Umbrage and Susanne, The Vision On Gallery and including Wilfred Makepeace Lunn and his Latest Ingenious Works.

(Anyone under 16 can send in paintings for the 'Gallery' and there is a prize for any that are shown. Address them to Vision On, [address removed]. We are sorry we cannot return paintings.)
Patrick Dowling received the Rediffusion Star 'Harlequin' Award from the SFTA for Children's Entertainment Programmes.


Tony Hart
Pat Keysell
Mime artist:
Ben Benison
The Prof:
David Cleveland
Wilfred Makepeace Lunn
John Bone
Patrick Dowling

The news, features, opinions of the country at large, and Your Region Tonight in particular (including Regional Weather) co-ordinated by Michael Barratt


Michael Barratt
Robert Langley
Lynn Lewis
Jack Pizzey
Philip Tibenham
Assistant Editor:
Phil Sidey
Michael Bunce

by Ben Bassett
Starring James Ellis, John Slater, Derek Waring with Ian Cullen

Stone talks about blackmail... to Rachel, to Lil... and to Superintendent Khan.


Ben Bassett
Script Editor:
Tony Holland
Rosamund Inglis
Ron Craddock
Derek Martinus
Supt Khan:
Jerome Willis
Det-Sgt Stone:
John Slater
Det-Insp Goss:
Derek Waring
Sgt Lynch:
James Ellis
Milton Johns
Det-Supt Oakley:
William Dexter
Rachel Edmunds:
Alethea Charlton
Lil Clapton:
Rosalind Elliott
Johnny Shannon
PC Skinner:
Ian Cullen

Starring Tony Hancock, Sylvia Sims
with Barbara Murray, Ronald Fraser

Wally, a simple and easygoing seaside entertainer, has little interest in the formal celebrations to mark Piltdown's Sixty Glorious Years, but his ambitious wife sees the event as her opportunity for social recognition.
In his second major film role, Tony Hancock was, as always, striving for the new and original, and much of his own hopes and frustrations went into the character of the Punch and Judy man.
(This Week's Films: page 11)


Phillip Oakes
Tony Hancock
Jeremy Summers
Tony Hancock
Sylvia Sims
Lady Jane:
Barbara Murray
Ronald Fraser
John Le Mesurier
Hugh Lloyd
Mario Fabrizi
Pauline Jameson
Committee Man:
Norman Bird
Committee Man:
Peter Vaughan
Committee Man:
John Dunbar
Walter Hudd
Madam Zarathusa:
Hattie Jacques

A personal view by Kenneth Clark

'In the 19th century people used to think of the invention of printing as the linchpin in the history of civilisation. Well, fifth century Greece and 12th century Chartres and 15th century Florence got on very well without it-and who shall say that they were less civilised than we are. Still on balance, I suppose that printing has done more good than harm.'
The theme of protest and communication leads Kenneth Clark to the Reformation - the Germany of Albrecht Durer and Martin Luther - to Erasmus, to the France of Montaigne, and to Elizabethan England.
Extracts from Shakespeare performed by William Devlin, Ronald Lacey, Eric Porter, Ian Richardson and Patrick Stewart

Sir Kenneth described the time spent making 'Civilisation' as the happiest of his life and certainly this impression comes over strongly on the screen. (Warrington Guardian)
He says so many wise things about civilisation, its limitations and its strengths, its frailty and its durability that one longs to quote them all. (The Sun)


Kenneth Clark
Stills photography director:
Ann Turner
Peter Montagnon
Michael Gill
[Actor] (Extracts from Shakespeare):
William Devlin
[Actor] (Extracts from Shakespeare):
Ronald Lacey
[Actor] (Extracts from Shakespeare):
Eric Porter
[Actor] (Extracts from Shakespeare):
Ian Richardson
[Actor] (Extracts from Shakespeare):
Patrick Stewart

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