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Points West
with Jeremy Carrad in Bristol

South Today
with Bruce Parker or Clive Jacobs in Southampton

Spotlight South-West
with Hugh Scully or Keith Blackler in Plymouth

Midlands Today
News and topics

Look East
News and views from the Eastern Counties

Look North from Newcastle
with Mike Neville
and Jake Kelly, Michael Rodd, George House, Luke Casey

Look North from Leeds
with John Burns, Barry Chambers, David Seymour

Look North from Manchester
with Stuart Hall
and Gerald Harrison, Tony Gubba, Peter Harrison, Paul Burden

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The news, features, opinions of the country at large co-ordinated by Michael Barratt from BBC studios throughout the UK.

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Reporter (London):
Brian Ash
Reporter (London):
Alan Shallcross
Reporter (London):
Joan Shenton
Reporter (London):
Robert Wellings
Producer (London):
Michael Townson
Presenter (Points West):
Jeremy Carrad
Presenter (South Today):
Bruce Parker
Presenter (South Today):
Clive Jacobs
Presenter (Spotlight South West):
Hugh Scully
Presenter (Spotlight South West):
Keith Blackler
Presenter (Look North Newcastle):
Mike Neville
Reporter (Look North Newcastle):
Jake Kelly
Reporter (Look North Newcastle):
Michael Rodd
Reporter (Look North Newcastle):
George House
Reporter (Look North Newcastle):
Luke Casey
Presenter (Look North Leeds):
John Burns
Presenter (Look North Leeds):
Barry Chambers
Presenter (Look North Leeds):
David Seymour
Presenter (Look North Manchester):
Stuart Hall
Reporter (Look North Manchester):
Gerald Harrison
Reporter (Look North Manchester):
Tony Gubba
Reporter (Look North Manchester):
Peter Harrison
Reporter (Look North Manchester):
Paul Burden
Presenter (Nationwide):
Michael Barratt
Reporter (Nationwide):
Robert Langley
Reporter (Nationwide):
Lynn Lewis
Reporter (Nationwide):
Jack Pizzey
Reporter (Nationwide):
Philip Tibenham
Deputy Editor (Nationwide):
Phil Sidey
Editor (Nationwide):
Michael Bunce

with Julie Felix
It is 4 plus 400 when this international group return to the unique atmosphere of the Octagon Theatre, where they join forces with their audience and their guest Julie Felix.
Songs you have known all your life and songs you have never heard before, including:
Shine Eye Girl, Drunken Sailor, A Long Time Ago
Special guest George Chisholm
(from Manchester)


The Spinners
Julie Felix
George Chisholm
Geoff Lomas
Nick Hunter

Tonight's film stars Rock Hudson, Doris Day with Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter

Arguments over sharing a party line lead to romantic entanglements.
(Philip Jenkinson writes on page 9)


Stanley Shapiro
Maurice Richlin
Based on a story by:
Russel Rouse
Based on a story by:
Clarence Greene
Ross Hunter
Martin Melcher
Michael Gordon
Brad Allen:
Rock Hudson
Jan Morrow:
Doris Day
Jonathan Forbes:
Tony Randall
Thelma Ritter
Tony Walters:
Nick Adams
Julia Meade

A film by Glyn Jones

The test pilot is one of the 20th-century's hero-figures. The mere name conjures up images of nerveless courage, death-defying heroism, 'the dashing gallant lad,' as one of them put it. But is he really like that? Or is he a much more skilled and calculating man? In this programme - presented in the week of the Farnborough Air Show - you can fly with the pilots, live with them, see how they are trained, and find out whether the myth remotely matches reality.
The BBC got willing help from the pilots. This was just as well since in some cockpits three is more than a crowd; remotely operated cameras mounted on various parts of the aircraft were also used to give some picture angles which have not been seen before.
Among the pilots appearing are such veterans as Jeffrey Quill, who test flew the Spitfire a few days after its first flight in 1936, and John Cunningham, still flying from Hatfield, where he pioneered the Comet.
(The war was his lucky break: page 8)


Glyn Jones
Jeffrey Quill
John Cunningham

Conceived, written, performed by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin


Conceived, written, performed by:
Graham Chapman
Conceived, written, performed by:
John Cleese
Conceived, written, performed by/Animations:
Terry Gilliam
Conceived, written, performed by:
Eric Idle
Conceived, written, performed by:
Terry Jones
Conceived, written, performed by:
Michael Palin
Geoffrey Patterson
Ian MacNaughton

A daily look at what matters in the news and out of it
Presented all this week by Kenneth Allsop with the latest news in pictures and with on-the-spot reports by Kenneth Allsop, Bernard Falk, David Lomax, Tom Mangold,
Fyfe Robertson and Denis Tuohy and special contributions from Keith Kyle and Robert McKenzie


Kenneth Allsop
Bernard Falk
David Lomax
Tom Mangold
Fyfe Robertson
Denis Tuohy
Keith Kyle
Robert McKenzie
Producer of the Week:
Tony Summers
Anthony Smith

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