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A weekly series introduced by Johnny Morris
The World of Animals
In the wild, in the zoo, at home - a magazine of stories about animals constantly illustrating their own kind of magic
(from Bristol)


Johnny Morris
George Inger
Douglas Thomas

A cartoon film series
When Chuck and Nancy discover a magic ring they are launched on a series of exciting adventures in the land of the Arabian Nights. Shazzan, a gigantic and friendly genie, helps them in their search for the owner of the ring

The facts, the people, the background of the nation's capital

The news, features, opinions of the country at large co-ordinated by Michael Barratt from BBC studios throughout the United Kingdom.


Reporter (London):
Brian Ash
Reporter (London):
Alan Shallcross
Reporter (London):
Joan Shenton
Reporter (London):
Robert Wellings
Producer (London):
Michael Townson
Presenter (Nationwide):
Michael Barratt
Reporter (Nationwide):
Robert Langley
Reporter (Nationwide):
Lynn Lewis
Reporter (Nationwide):
Jack Pizzey
Reporter (Nationwide):
Philip Tibenham
Assistant Director (Nationwide):
Phil Sidey
Editor (Nationwide):
Michael Bunce

by Len Rush
Starring James Ellis, John Slater, Derek Waring with Ian Cullen, Douglas Fielding and Bernard Holley

A second person is reported missing... the better half of yet another 'happy' marriage.


Len Rush
Script Editor:
P.J. Hammond
Austin Ruddy
Associate Producer:
Ian Strachan
Ron Craddock
Timothy Combe
Patsy Cartwright:
Nicolette Roeg
PC Newcombe:
Bernard Holley
PC Skinner:
Ian Cullen
George Cartwright:
David Lodge
Sgt Lynch:
James Ellis
PC Quilley:
Douglas Fielding
Det-Sgt Stone:
John Slater
Mrs Greenall:
Rosamund Greenwood
BD girl:
Jennie Goossens
Det-Insp Goss:
Derek Waring
Casualty Sister:
Thomasine Heiner
Mr Devereux:
Patrick Godfrey

Tonight's film in this comedy season stars Glenn Ford, Gia Scala, Anne Francis

The hilarious escapades of a group of Public Relations men armed only with typewriters and vivid imaginations, based on the tropical island of Tulura in World War II, whose duty is to tell the world about a land-locked Navy.
(Philip Jenkinson writes on page 9)


Dorothy Kingsley
George Wells
Based on the novel by:
William Brinkley
Lawrence Weingarten
Charles Walters
Lt Max Siegel:
Glenn Ford
Gia Scala
Adam Garrett:
Earl Holliman
Lt Alice Tomlen:
Anne Francis
Gordon Ripwell:
Keenan Wynn
Lt-Cmdr Clinton T Nash:
Fred Clark
Deborah Aldrich:
Eva Gabor
Ensign Tyson:
Russ Tamblyn
Lt Ross Pendleton:
Jeff Richards

A new view of the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are Britain's great land of contrasts: huge sporting estates and small unworkable crofts; islands littered with deserted ruined cottages and others thriving on a successful fishing fleet; a tourist trade that has grown as relentlessly as the population has fallen.
Christopher Brasher goes to the Highlands to meet their 'overlord,' Professor Sir Robert Grieve, Chairman of The Highlands and Islands Development Board, who has tried to give better opportunities to people who want to make a living in their difficult homeland.
Professor Grieve grew up in Glasgow and learned as a boy to enjoy the Highlands as a huge playground - just as outsiders do. Now he is due to go back to Glasgow-back to university at the end of his five-year term. He looks at the Highlands and their people and their problems with a unique knowledge and insight and with vast affection.
Written by Christopher Brasher


Christopher Brasher
Sir Robert Grieve
William Hook

Conceived, written, performed by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin
Also appearing: Carol Cleveland


Conceived, written, performed by:
Graham Chapman
Conceived, written, performed by:
John Cleese
Conceived, written, performed by/Animations:
Terry Gilliam
Conceived, written, performed by:
Eric Idle
Conceived, written, performed by:
Terry Jones
Conceived, written, performed by:
Michael Palin
Carol Cleveland
Chris Thompson
John Howard Davies
Ian MacNaughton

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