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A magazine for viewers from Pakistan and India including discussion, review of recent news, music, and stories from the communities
Presented and produced by Saleem Shahed
from the Midlands
(to 9.30)


Saleem Shahed
Mahendra Kaul

Michael Gough reads from "That Man is You" by Louis Evely.
Noel Howlett reads from "New World, the Heart of the New Testament in Plain English" by Alan T. Dale.
Kevin Mayhew conducts The Sacred Heart Choir and Instrumental Group of Southend.
From the Church of All Hallows, London Wall.

(to 11.30)


Reader (That Man is You):
Michael Gough
Author (That Man is You):
Louis Evely
Reader (New World, the Heart of the New Testament in Plain English):
Noel Howlett
Author (New World, the Heart of the New Testament in Plain English):
Alan T. Dale
Kevin Mayhew
The Sacred Heart Choir
Instrumental Group of Southend
R.T. Brooks

Ten programmes in which some of Britain's finest helmsmen show how dinghy
sailors and yachtsmen can get more pleasure from their sport.

More and more sailors are being attracted by the speed and spaciousness of catamarans and trimarans. Modern multihulls also offer a great deal of scope for anyone with an inventive turn of mind, and once people go over to multihulls they tend to stay with them. The various classes are explained in this programme, while for the enthusiast there are expert sailing technique and design comments.
Introduced by Jack Knights
First shown on BBC-2
For publication see page 4


Jack Knights
Brenda Horsfield

A film series about animals by Eugen Schuhmacher
Commentary by Peter Scott

The biggest of the United States, a land of few roads and railways, Alaska is almost unspoilt by man. But even there rare animals like the Pacific walrus have to be protected; even there the great herds of caribou, the North American reindeer which are now so numerous, may be facing a new danger.

From the South and West


Eugen Schuhmacher
Peter Scott
Presented by:
Nicholas Crocker

The first of a new series
Stuart Burrows with Helen Watts
The Gentlemen Songsters
Chorus-Master, Richard Williams
A section of the BBC Welsh Orchestra
Leader, John Bacon
Conducted by Rae Jenkins
invite you to join them and the audience at the Paget Rooms, Penarth, to sing some of the songs that will live long in the memory
Introduced by Ronnie Williams


Stuart Burrows
Helen Watts
The Gentlemen Songsters
Richard Williams
A section of the BBC Welsh Orchestra
Orchestra leader:
John Bacon
Rae Jenkins
Ronnie Williams
Arranged by:
J. Alwyn Jones
Hywel Williams

starring Brian Rix
and Dora Bryan, Leo Franklyn, Irene Handl, Ronald Shiner
with Liz Fraser, John Slater, Reginald Beckwith, Robertson Hare

When gormless Bertie Skidmore gets married it comes as something of a shock to find the parrot he gets as a wedding present is a reincarnation of his wife's first husband.
As well as Brian Rix, a positive galaxy of British comic talent appears in this film, Kynaston Reeves and John Le Mesurier are featured in a riotously illogical courtroom scene with Reeves as a deaf J.P. who confuses the witnesses and testimony of two cases in a manner almost worthy of N F. Simpson. Ronald Shiner makes a 'guest disappearance' as Dora Bryan's first husband who meets a sticky end early on in the plot, but turns up later in the guise of a parrot.


Ray Cooney
Tony Hilton
Darcy Conyers
Brian Rix
Bertie Skidmore:
Brian Rix
Dora Bryan
Leo Franklyn
Irene Handl
Liz Fraser
Wolfie Green:
John Slater
Chippendale Charlie:
Reginald Beckwith
Dr. Vincent:
Robertson Hare
Cecil Gibson:
Ronald Shiner

by Jack Gerson
Starring John Cairney
and Leonard Maguire, Ellen McIntosh
Guest stars, Philip Latham, Simon Lack

The stars of BBC series pick their favourite episodes
This week: John Cairney introduces This Man Craig

The Director of Education wants Ian Craig to apply for a new job. Pressure, both subtle and blatant, is put upon Craig to influence his decision.


Jack Gerson
John Cairney
Helen Rae
Script Editor:
Nick McCarty
Gerard Glaister
David Proudfoot
Robert Lockhart:
Philip Latham
Harry Gilchrist:
Simon Lack
Ian Hoskins
Moira Gilchrist:
Sheila Latimer
Ian Craig:
John Cairney
George Mutrie:
Arthur Boland
Douglas Robertson:
Leonard Maguire
Willie Sinclair:
Alex McCrindle
First boy:
Daniel McKenzie
Second boy:
Michael Cook
Third boy:
Gordon Griffiths
Andrew Blaikie:
Gerard Slevin Jr.
John Young
Councillor Barton:
Jameson Clark
Margaret Craig:
Ellen McIntosh
Desmond Reilly

Does life point to the reality of God? Does Christ point to the meaning of life?
Robert Robinson introduces Rosemary Haughton, Marghanita Laski, Baroness Stocks, Shivaji Lai, Lord Ritchie-Calder who are joined tonight by The Rt. Rev. Ian Ramsey Bishop of Durham to discuss whether God is active in the world today


Robert Robinson
Rosemary Haughton
Marghanita Laski
Baroness Stocks
Shivaji Lai
Lord Ritchie-Calder
The Rt. Rev. Ian Ramsey
R. T. Brooks

from St. Peter's Budleigh, Salterton
Introduced by Jeremy Carrad

(from the West)

Hymns: (A. and M. Rev.)
God of mercy (Heathlands)
Onward, Christian soldiers (St. Gertrude)
Dear Lord and Father of mankind (Repton)
All hail the power of Jesus' name! (Miles Lane)
Father, hear the prayer we offer (Prior's Court)
Lift up your hearts! (All Souls)
Brothers, joining hand to hand (Ave Virgo)
Thou art the Christ (Love Unknown)
Ye holy angels bright (Darwall's 148th)
Glory to thee, my God, this night (Canon)


John Wood
Peter Dolling
Jeremy Carrad
Television Presentation:
John Dobson

appeals on behalf of Lingfield Hospital School
Among the 50,000 children in this country who suffer from epilepsy are many who bear multiple handicaps. Lingfield helps them to overcome their disabilities through specialised education with skilled medical care.
Donations, preferably by crossed postal order or cheque, to Susan Hampshire, [address removed].


Susan Hampshire

by Harry Green
Created by A.J. Cronin
Starring Andrew Cruickshank, Barbara Mullen, Bill Simpson
with Eric Woodburn, James Mellor

Sgt. Gilbey, Tannochbrae's law-enforcement officer, is away on holiday. Unfortunately for Finlay, his replacement, Sgt. Renfrew, is a stickler for regulations. And when he finds Finlay's car causing a minor obstruction he all but books him. Finlay storms back to Arden House, and although Janet and Cameron are amused by the incident, both dread the inevitable next meeting.


Harry Green
Created by:
A.J. Cronin
The series produced by arrangement with:
Graham Stewart
Script Editor:
John Maynard
Guthrie Hutton
Royston Morley
Laurence Bourne
Sgt. Renfrew:
James Mellor
Larry Marshall
Dr. Finlay:
Bill Simpson
Barbara Mullen
Dr. Beresford:
Elizabeth Weaver
Ruth Simmonds:
Judith Carey
Mrs. Simmonds:
Elaine Wells
Mr. Simmonds:
Alec Ross
Dr. Snoddie:
Eric Woodburn
Andrew Downie
Sheriff Substitute:
John Rae
Mr. Parr:
Paul Kermack

The Great Stars of yesterday and today
[Starring] Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn
with Fay Bainter, Reginald Owen, William Bendix

A sportswriter and a gossip columnist find their public and private lives incompatible.
Both Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn made their mark on Hollywood in the early 1930s, and both quickly added Academy Awards to their laurels. Together they formed a perfect screen partnership which was to last through a number of highly successful movies-State of the Union, Adam's Rib, Pat and Mike, and so on. Tonight's film is directed by George Stevens who had been responsible for two of Hepburn's earlier successes-Alice Adams and Quality Street-and had a reputation for lively comedies.


Ring Lardner Jr.
Michael Kanin
George Stevens
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Sam Craig:
Spencer Tracy
Tess Harding:
Katharine Hepburn
Ellen Whitcomb:
Fay Bainter
Reginald Owen
'Pinkie' Peters:
William Bendix
William J. Harding:
Minor Watson
Flo Peters:
Gladys Blake
Gerald Hove:
Dan Tobin

Tonight's main event: The Victor Ludorum Grand Prix for the Daily Mail Cup and £300 to the winner
On the final evening of this year's show, the last jumping event provides a fitting climax as the most successful competitors of the week contest this international championship, the result of which should also determine the winners of the Saddle of Honour and the Loriners Cup.
Introduced direct from Wembley Stadium by David Coleman


David Coleman
Dorian Williams
Television presentation:
Alan Mouncer
Television presentation:
Roy Norton

Michael Hordern stars in Jonathan Miller's version of Whistle and I'll Come to You, that famous grisly chiller by the Victorian academic M.R. James. The setting is the windy Norfolk coast in winter, and the story hinges on the finding of a mysterious whistle buried in the sand. Hordern is backed by Ambrose Coghill (the Colonel), George Woodbridge (the hotel proprietor), Nora Gordon (the proprietress), and Freda Dowie (the maid); Miller himself produces. Judging by press reactions after the original showing, this team succeeds admirably in its flesh-creeping task:
"...splendidly sensitive and atmospheric adaptation." (The Times)
"The last few moments of terror were as powerful as anything Hitchcock did." (Maurice Wiggin, Sunday Times)
"Jonathan Miller's adaptation... made me jolly glad I had someone to go to bed with." (Peter Black, Daily Mail)


M.R. James
Adapted by/Producer:
Jonathan Miller
Michael Hordern
Ambrose Coghill
Hotel proprietor:
George Woodbridge
Nora Gordon
Freda Dowie

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