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with Peter Scott.
from the South and West

A bird that never sees the light of day but lives in stygian caverns and emerges only at night to fly silently through tropical American jungles; a bird that, like the bat, uses echo-location to find its way around the eaves, though, unlike the bat, the sounds it emits are audible to humans...
It all seems a bit far-fetched, but such a bird does exist-perhaps the most extraordinary bird in the world. Only recently have the full facts emerged, and much credit goes to the young Swedish wildlife photographer, Jan Lindblad, who spent months under conditions of great hardship in the Trinidad jungles making tonight's programme-the first in a new series.
He has adapted and used infra-red techniques to bring back astonishing film, shot in pitch darkness.
The great naturalist and explorer, von Humboldt, first found the bird almost 170 years ago in Venezuela. It was surrounded by superstition and fear - Guacharo, 'the one who cries and mourns'.
The local Indians were afraid to go to the cavern because of the strange echoing cries. They believed it was the home of their ancestors' spirits, and that if they entered they too would die.
Missionaries had no such qualms-the Guacharo's young get immensely fat and these were slaughtered in thousands for boiling down into oil for lamps and cooking. It was because of this that von Humboldt gave the bird the more prosaic name of oilbird. Now the oilbird, secretive, romantic, harmless, and fantastic, is struggling to survive.


Peter Scott
Presented for television by:
Robina Gyle-Thompson
Series producer:
Jeffery Boswall
Jan Lindblad

by Tom Brennand and Roy Bottomley
Starring Joss Ackland, James Ellis, John Slater
with David Daker, Bernard Holley, John Wreford
(Part 2: Tuesday at 7.5)
(For cast list see page 23)

The saint of the title is one Ted Crowther, who lives in a fairly new block of flats known as Concrete Canyon. He has earned his title because of his good works on behalf of the tenants. He is also a very good Crown Green bowler, well-known in the area for his dexterity with wood and jack.

A little boy, Billy Darby, goes missing from the flats because he believes that he is going to lose his pet hamster, as the Council won't allow pets to be kept in Concrete Canyon. Crowther, naturally, is right there with the Newtown police to help look for Billy. But Crowther also runs a savings club for the tenants, and this attracts the interest of Det.-Insp. Todd...


Tom Brennand
Roy Bottomley
John Stout
Ronald Travers
Barry Letts
P.C. Culshaw:
David Daker
P.C. Jackson:
John Wreford
Det.-Sgt. Stone:
John Slater
Sgt. Lynch:
James Ellis
P.C. Newcombe:
Bernard Holley
Det.-Insp. Todd:
Joss Ackland

when she invites you to meet many different characters.
with Hugh Paddick, Michael Stainton
and introduces Jake Thackray
and special guest, Jack Tripp


Beryl Reid
Hugh Paddick
Michael Stainton
Jake Thackray
Jack Tripp
Staged by:
William Chappell
Alan Melville
N. F. Simpson
Thorley Walters
Music arranger/conductor:
Burt Rhodes
Brian Tregidden
Robin Nash

People, places, and problems that matter most to Britain and the world.
Introduced by Robin Day with Panorama reporters Michael Charlton, David Dimbleby, Richard Kershaw, Robert MacNeil and James Mossman.


Robin Day
Michael Charlton
David Dimbleby
Richard Kershaw
Robert MacNeil
James Mossman
David J. Webster

Criminal investigator extraordinary
A film series starring Raymond Burr as Robert Ironside
with Don Galloway as Det.-Sgt. Brown, Barbara Anderson as Officer Eve Whitfield, Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger
with guest stars, James Farentino, Susan Saint James.

Ironside tries to find just one witness courageous enough to testify against a ruthless moneylender who controls a powerful crime ring.

Don's dream came true
Don Galloway always wanted to be an actor. 'When I was a little kid I wanted to be an actor so badly I could hardly believe it would happen. It still hits me once in a while. I say, "What are you doing?" and I realise I'm doing what I want to do'.
Galloway was born in Brooksville, Kentucky. He went to university there and studied drama.
After working as a soda-pop delivery van driver and as a page at NBC in New York, he landed his first acting job, a running part in a daytime TV serial.
'I went to a reading at 5.30 p.m. one day', he said. 'I'd been knocking on doors all day and I was tired. There were forty others waiting who looked exactly like me. I read just to get it over with - and got the job'. Then four years ago he went to Hollywood and worked pretty steadily until "A Man Called Ironside" came up.


Robert Ironside:
Raymond Burr
Det.-Sgt. Brown:
Don Galloway
Officer Eve Whitfield:
Barbara Anderson
Mark Sanger:
Don Mitchell
James Farentino
Susan Saint James

Introduced by Cliff Michelmore with Kenneth Allsop.
Round 24 hours with Ian Trethowan, Robert McKenzie
Round 24.000 miles with Fyfe Robertson, Julian Pettifer, Michael Barratt, David Lomax, Philip Tibenham


Cliff Michelmore
Kenneth Allsop
Ian Trethowan
Robert McKenzie
Fyfe Robertson
Julian Pettifer
Michael Barratt
David Lomax
Philip Tibenham
Anthony Whitby

with the music of Joe Loss and his Orchestra.
Introduced by Peter West.
The Amateur Modern and Amateur Latin-American finals come live tonight from the Lyceum Ballroom. Qualifying heats have been held all over the country and out of hundreds of entries, six couples have been chosen to dance in each section. The Japanese professional team will be appearing next month at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in the Professional World Championship.
The Grand Finals of the Amateur Modern Championships, The Grand Finals of the Amateur Latin-American Championships
A guest appearance of the Japanese Professional National Team
Cabaret: Julie Rogers
Judith Chalmers commentates
Bill Irvine explains the judging

(Organised by Mecca Dancing in association with Ovaltine)


Peter West
Judith Chalmers
Bill Irvine
Joe Loss and his Orchestra
The Japanese Professional National Team
Julie Rogers
Arranged by:
Eric Morley
Television Production:
Philip S. Gilbert

The prospect of millions of acres of fertile empty land fired the imagination and greed of both Americans and Europeans. But prosperous settlement could not be achieved by 'frontier' methods alone.
Written and introduced by Professor Barry Supple.

("The Making of America", published by the BBC, can be obtained through booksellers, price 10s., or by post (price 11s., inc. post/packing) from BBC Publications [address removed])

(Close Down)


Professor Barry Supple
Peter Dunkley

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