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from Manchester Cathedral.
Conducted by The Rev. A. H. Luff
Preacher, The Dean of Manchester, The Very Rev. Alfred Jowett
The sermon on the theme Remaking Our Faith will be discussed in tonight's Meeting Point at 6.15
(to 11.30)


The Rev. A. H. Luff
The Very Rev. Alfred Jowett
Derrick E. Cantrell
Television presentation:
Raymond Short

John Cherrington looks at a larger than average Danish farm, and discusses the economic pressures on this particular farm, and on Danish farming in general.
Recorded for the BBC by the Danish Television Service
and Weather Situation for farmers and growers
(to 14.15)


John Cherrington
John Kenyon

No literary genius could have invented a story one-hundredth part as fantastic as the sober facts which have been unearthed by astronomical science.
Fred Hoyle describes the revolution there has been in astronomy during his own lifetime. He tells of recently discovered mysterious objects one hundred million times the size of the sun.
Included in the programme is the first-ever television visit to the world's largest optical telescope on Mount Palomar in California.
Commentary spoken by Peter Hawkins.
(First shown on December 27, 1964)


Fred Hoyle
Scientific Adviser:
Dr. Olin Eggen
Gordon Rattray Taylor
Peter Hawkins
Karl Kummels
Eugene Carr
Film Editor:
Ted Walter
Produced and directed by:
Philip Daly

A film series.
Starring David Niven, Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Gladys Cooper, Robert Coote as The Rogues

Tony, posing as a Government planner, receives a real Texas welcome when he goes South to 'prospect' the site of a rocket base.
(First shown on November 14, 1964)


Tony Fleming:
Gig Young
Timmy St. Clair:
Robert Coote
Mayor Bramlette:
Robert Middleton
Amaranda (Brandy):
Marlyn Mason
Alec Fleming:
David Niven
Marcel St. Clair:
Charles Boyer
Margaret St. Clair:
Gladys Cooper
Timothy St. Clair:
Robert Coote

A Western film series.
Starring John Smith and Robert Fuller
with Spring Byington, Dennis Holmes
and Guest star, Jeanette Nolan

A wealthy woman seeking revenge offers a reward to anyone who will kill Slim.
(First shown on May 2, 1964)


Slim Sherman:
John Smith
Jess Harper:
Robert Fuller
Daisy Cooper:
Spring Byington
Dennis Holmes
Ellen McGovern:
Jeanette Nolan

Written by David Ellis.
A series created by Ted Willis.
Starring Jack Warner

A fire-raiser is at work in Dock Green. One victim considers the police are deliberately failing to arrest the culprit.
(First shown on December 5, 1964)


David Ellis
Series created by:
Ted Willis
Film Cameraman:
David Prosser
Film Editor:
Patricia Holland
Austen Spriggs
David Askey
Ronald Marsh
George Dixon:
Jack Warner
Det.-Sgt. Andy Crawford:
Peter Byrne
Det.-Con. Lauderdale:
Geoffrey Adams
Station Officer Rogers:
Michael Lynch
Ralph Edwards:
Sydney Tafler
Kate Edwards:
Sonia Graham
Alan Edwards:
Christopher Barrington
Station Sgt. Flint:
Arthur Rigby
P.C. Swain:
Robert Arnold
W.P.C. Shirley Palmer:
Anne Carroll
P.C. Roberts:
Geoffrey Kenion
Miss Lucas:
Jeanne Mockford
Mrs. Alice Yardley:
Hazel Douglas
Herbert Jones:
Bernard Archard
W.P.C. Liz Harris:
Zeph Gladstone
Max Ventnor:
Keneth Thornett
Nora Ventnor:
Marianne Stone
Phil McDonald:
Geoffrey Lea
Mary Crawford:
Anna Dawson
Bob Ramsay:
Lane Meddick
P.C. Wills:
Nicholas Donnelly

by Arthur Quiller-Couch.
Dramatised in six episodes by Bob Stuart.

Dr. Beauregard tells his story but is challenged to explain a mystery from Captain Coffin's log.
From the West


Arthur Quiller-Couch
Dramatised by:
Bob Stuart
Music composed by:
Sidney Sager
Reg Hogarth
Film Cameraman:
George Shears
Film Editor:
Jim Cryan
Costumes supervised by:
Joan Wakefield
Make-up supervised by:
Grisell Lindsay
Script Editor:
Betty Willingale
Desmond Chinn
Campbell Logan
Brandon Acton-Bond
Austin Trevor
Miss Belcher:
Pat Nye
Captain Branscombe:
Michael Gwynn
Miss Plinlimmon:
Rosamund Greenwood
Jack Rogers:
Terence Alexander
George Goodfellow:
John Bown
Harry Brooks:
Kit Williams
Anthony Blackshaw
Aaron Glass:
Jack Rodney
Irene Prador
Gladys Taylor

The Church still has its creeds - but to many people in the modern world they seem strangely irrelevant and out of date. How important are they? Have they a proper use for Christians today?
The Dean of Manchester, The Very Rev. Alfred Jowett who preached on this theme in this morning's televised service from Manchester Cathedral, faces questions from some of the people who heard him there.
Introduced by David Mahlowe.
To be repeated tonight at 10.35


The Very Rev. Alfred Jowett
David Mahlowe
Raymond Short

from the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich.
Introduced by Barrie Edgar.
Prayer and Blessing by the Chaplain, The Rev. Jack Holland


Barrie Edgar
Director of Music:
Frank Davies
Neville Bartleet
Prayer and Blessing:
The Rev. Jack Holland
TV presentation:
John McGonagle

[Starring] Alan Ladd as Lucky Jordan
with Helen Walker, Sheldon Leonard


Frank Tuttle
Screenplay by:
Darrell Ware
Screenplay by:
Karl Tunberg
From a story by:
Charles Leonard
Lucky Jordan:
Alan Ladd
Jill Evans:
Helen Walker
Slip Moran:
Sheldon Leonard
Mabel Paige
Marie McDonald
Ernest Higgins:
Lloyd Corrigan
John Wengraf

by Gil North.
Starring Leslie Sands
with Michael Bates, John Rolfe, John McKelvey, Olive Milbourne, Pauline Williams
Guest stars, Brian Peck, Derek Fowlds


Gil North
Theme and incidental music composed by:
Albert Elms
Animals trained by:
John Holmes
Fight arranged by:
Peter Diamond
Film Cameraman:
John Baker
Film Editor:
Roy Watts
Story Editor:
Bill Barron
Evan Hercules
Alan Sleath
Eric Hills
Jake Winter:
Derek Fowlds
Stewart Johnson:
Malcolm Patton
Vicky Bevin:
Bobbie Oswale
David Porritt:
Brian Peck
Gwen Porritt:
Judith Bradshaw
Sergeant Cluff:
Leslie Sands
P.C. Bullock:
John McKelvey
Inspector Mole:
Michael Bates
Det.-Con. Barker:
John Rolfe
Annie Croft:
Olive Milbourne
Mrs. Porritt:
Nora Gordon
Mrs. Mole:
Pauline Williams
Harry Shacklock
Dr. Hamm:
Jack Howlett

Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
Frankie Howerd stars in a series of unlikely situations.
And featuring this week: Norman Bird, Arthur Milliard, Anthony Sagar, Ken Roberts,
Rita Webb, Margaret Flint, Lala Lloyd, Louis Mansi, Trevor Barrie, Walter Swash
(First shown on Dec. 18, 1964)


Ray Galton
Alan Simpson
Incidental music written and directed by:
Peter Knight
John Hurst
Duncan Wood
Francis Howerd:
Frankie Howerd
Norman Bird
Arthur Milliard
Anthony Sagar
Ken Roberts
Rita Webb
Margaret Flint
Lala Lloyd
Louis Mansi
Trevor Barrie
Walter Swash

Starring Tony Britton
with Kerry Jordan, Helen Christie, Brian McDermott

Melissa Foster has been murdered. Her husband, Guy, visits Elvingdale believing that he will meet an ex-lover of his wife's called Peter Antrobus. But Peter Antrobus is not the sort of person Guy expected.
(First shown on BBC-2)


Francis Durbridge
Film Cameraman:
A.A. Englander
Film Sound Recordist:
John Woodiwiss
Film Editor:
Alma Davies
Roy Oxley
Produced and directed by:
Alan Bromly
Peter Antrobus:
Martin Norton
Guy Foster:
Tony Britton
Reg Pritchard
Ian Norris
Mary Antrobus:
Carole Mowlam
Joyce Dean:
Elizabeth Weaver
Sydney Dobson
Man in car park:
Mark Powell
Police Constable:
Stanley Walsh
Don Page:
Brian McDermott
Paula Hepburn:
Helen Christie
Arthur R. Webb
Felix Hepburn:
Kerry Jordan
Carol Stewart:
Patricia Marmont
Harry Kirkland:
Denis Cleary

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