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Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain, GLOW star Kate Nash, Pop-up arts

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Singer and GLOW star Kate Nash, and model-turned-photographer Lee Miller and Surrealism.

Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain at the Hepworth Wakefield, English singer Kate Nash on her role in the wrestling TV drama GLOW, and pop-up arts in the UK.

The American photographer and former model Lee Miller had a leading role in championing Surrealism in Britain in the 1930s, which is the focus of a new exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield. The show's curator Lauren Barnes, and Lee Miller's son Antony Penrose, consider her fascination for Surrealism and the artists involved, including Man Ray, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí.

Singer Kate Nash discusses dealing with fame after the success of her debut album Made of Bricks and the mega hit single Foundations. She explains how learning to wrestle for her role in Netflix comedy GLOW rebuilt her confidence and how her new album, Yesterday Was Forever, was inspired by her teenage diary.

Pop-up restaurants, which appear in empty shops and car parks, have enlivened our food culture, and even had a rejuvenating impact on neighbourhoods. There are also pop-up galleries, music performance spaces and even, in York, a whole pop-up Shakespeare theatre and village. Cat Gardiner who has run pop-up galleries in Cardiff, the musician Sam Lee who is taking concerts out of buildings and putting them around campfires, and James Cundall, the man behind Shakespeare's Rose Theatre in York, discuss the impact of arts pop-ups.


Stig Abell
Jerome Weatherald
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Kate Nash
Interviewed Guest
Cat Gardiner
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Sam Lee
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James Cundall
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Lauren Barnes
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Antony Penrose


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