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Rupert Everett, Abir Mukherjee, Sex and the City 20 years on

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Rupert Everett on writing, directing and playing Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince.

Rupert Everett disusses playing Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince; novelist Abir Mukherjee on his latest, Smoke and Ashes; Sex and the City, 20 years on; and the late Mary Wilson.

Rupert Everett discusses his life-long passion for Oscar Wilde as he directs, writes and stars in his film The Happy Prince. Framed around Wilde's short story of the same name, the bio-pic focuses on Wilde at the end of his life, from his release from prison to his death in poverty in Paris three years later.

Abir Mukherjee's creation of detective Sam Wyndham, a British officer who finds himself in Calcutta in the 1920s, and his sidekick 'Surrender-Not' Bannerjee, won him a £10,000 publishing deal. He discusses the third book in the series, Smoke and Ashes, set against the backdrop of non-violent protest and increasing demands for Indian independence.

Twenty years ago this week Sex and the City launched in America on the HBO channel. To mark the anniversary, TV critic Emma Bullimore pours herself a Cosmopolitan and looks back at her favourite show...

Mary Wilson, who died yesterday at the age of 102, was in the public eye as the wife of the former Prime Minister Harold Wilson. She was lampooned in Mrs Wilson's Diary in Private Eye as a suburban down-to-earth middle class housewife. She was, though, something much rarer - a very popular poet. From the archive we hear her talking about her writing, the public response, and one of her poems.

Presenter Samira Ahmed

Producer Jerome Weatherald.


Samira Ahmed
Interviewed Guest
Rupert Everett
Interviewed Guest
Abir Mukherjee
Interviewed Guest
Emma Bullimore
Interviewed Guest
Mary Wilson
Jerome Weatherald


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