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Miller Meets Mandela

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Miller Meets Mandela

Nelson Mandela talks to Arthur Miller in a rare and momentous interview. (1991)

Following his release from prison, Nelson Mandela opens up about his life and the turbulent times he's faced in this rare and momentous interview with Arthur Miller. (1991)

For the first time since his release from 27 years of imprisonment Nelson Mandela opens up about his life and the turbulent times he's faced in this momentous, in-depth and revealing interview with Arthur Miller. From the intimate setting at his home in Soweto, South Africa, Mandela discusses the popularity and rise to power of the ANC movement and the pivotal role it played in the overthrow of the Apartheid regime. Plus he shares his thoughts on the future of South Africa, exploring both his hopes and fears in relation to the political, social and economic prospects of the country, putting particular emphasis on his 'Freedom Charter' - his personal vision for South Africa. (1991)


Arthur Miller
Nelson Mandela
Beverly Marcus


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