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Woman's Hour

Victorian gang violence, Men-only spaces, Higher maternity pay benefits

BBC Radio 4
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45 minutes Available for over a year First broadcast:

Violence in women's gangs in Victorian times on stage.

The musical telling the violent story of women's gangs in Victorian times.

Oranges and Elephants, a new all-female musical, opens tonight in London's East End. It tells the story of the violence among women's gangs in Victorian times. Writer, Lil Warren and actor Liz Kitchen who plays the leader of the Elephants explain their fascination with this little know element of Victorian life.

Calls for an end to male-only business events have followed allegations that hostesses were groped at The Presidents Club fundraiser. One government minister tweeted that he would never again attend a men-only function. But do proposed bans suggest that men can't be trusted on their own or are unable to set their own moral compass? Journalists Mark Rice-Oxley and Martin Daubney discuss the future of male-only spaces.

A new study suggests that women who get generous maternity pay are more likely to not only return to the workplace but to rise through the ranks. The research was carried out among academics so how far does it translate to the wider female workforce? To discuss her findings Vera Troeger, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick and Rosalind Bragg, director of Maternity Action, an advice agency campaigning to protect and enhance maternity rights.

If you are exhausted, harried, over-committed and short on ideas on how to cut back Australian broadcaster and author Meshel Laurie might have the answer for you. Among her solutions, the former workaholic uses teachings from Buddhism to see herself more clearly, give herself room to breathe and find out what kind of life she really wants to live, believing that Buddhism is as relevant and practical in our modern world as it has ever been.

Presenter: Jenni Murray

Producer: Anne Peacock.


Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest
Lil Warren
Interviewed Guest
Liz Kitchen
Interviewed Guest
Mark Rice-Oxley
Interviewed Guest
Martin Daubney
Interviewed Guest
Vera Troeger
Interviewed Guest
Rosalind Bragg
Interviewed Guest
Meshel Laurie
Anne Peacock



Woman's Hour
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