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Donald Sutherland

Sue Lawley's castaway is actor Donald Sutherland

Sue Lawley's castaway is actor Donald Sutherland.

Sue Lawley's castaway this week is Donald Sutherland. He has acted in 104 films, including such classics as MASH, Don't Look Now and JFK. Tall and lanky as a child, he was called 'Goofus' or 'Dumbo' because of his big ears. However, it was those ears that caught the attention of the director of The Dirty Dozen and thus his film career was launched.

Now appearing on the British stage for the first time in 36 years, he chooses eight records to take to the mythical desert island.

[Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs]

Favourite track: Horn Concerto No.4. in E Flat Major 495 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Book: Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuckman

Luxury: Case of really good vintage wine


Sue Lawley
Interviewed Guest
Donald Sutherland

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