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Ishiguro, Man and Superman, It Follows, Matt Lucas - Pompidou, Sculpture Victorious

Kazuo Ishiguro, Man and Superman, It Follows, Matt Lucas - Pompidou, Sculpture Victorious.

Kazuo Ishiguro's novel The Buried Giant, Man and Superman at the National, horror film It Follows, Matt Lucas' wordless TV series Pompidou and Sculpture Victorious at Tate Britain.

The Buried Giant is Kazuo Ishiguro's first new novel for 10 years, set in Arthurian England

George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman at The National's Lyttleton Theatre starring Ralph Fiennes

New horror film It Follows has been a success in the US and could be a new teen creepy classic

Matt Lucas' is best known for Little Britain; his new TV show is entirely devoid of catchphrases - it's a wordless series called Pompidou

Sculpture Victorious at Tate Britain looks at sculpture created during Queen Victoria's reign - the innovations in style and technique

Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Natalie Haynes, Jim White and Rebecca Stott. The producer is Oliver Jones.


Tom Sutcliffe
Interviewed Guest
Natalie Haynes
Interviewed Guest
Jim White
Interviewed Guest
Rebecca Stott
Oliver Jones

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