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Ken Loach's film, Joshua Ferris's novel, The Normal Heart on TV, Bakersfield Mist and The Whitstable Biennale

Ken Loach, Joshua Ferris, The Normal Heart, Bakersfield Mist and The Whitstable Biennale.

Tom Sutcliffe and guests discuss Ken Loach's film, Jimmy's Hall, Joshua Ferris's novel, The Normal Heart on TV, Bakersfield Mist and The Whitstable Biennale.

Bakersfield Mist at London's Duchess Theatre stars Hollywood actress Kathleen Turner in a play about a woman who's convinced she's turned up a Jackson Pollock original in a junk shop.

Ken Loach's new film Jimmy's Hall tells the story of the only Irishman ever to be deported from his own country as an illegal alien. As the Irish Republic was struggling to be born, Jimmy Gralton ran up against the Church and State too many times and their solution was to send him to America. Irish history is familiar territory for Loach; what does this story tell us about today?

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour is Joshua Ferris's novel about dentistry and the meaning of life. What can a man do when his analog life is hijacked and put on the internet?

Whitstable Biennale is a festival of contemporary British art on the south coast of England. It grew out of the developing artists' community in the town and focuses on moving image and performance, with a range of new commissions and specially curated programs.

The Normal Heart was Larry Kramer's play about the AIDS epidemic in 1980s America. He's adapted it into a TV drama for HBO and it's been warmly received in the USA. What will Saturday Review make of it?

Tom Sutcliffe is joined by Jim White, Maria Delgado and Natalie Haynes. The producer is Oliver Jones.


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