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Action drama in which a US submarine is dispatched to the frozen waters of the North Pole.

Tense Cold War action drama. A US submarine is dispatched to the frozen waters of the North Pole to recover a Soviet spy satellite.

When a secret film capsule from a Russian spacecraft lands near Station Zebra, the tiny weather base is plunged into the Cold War and a confrontation between two super powers.


Commander James Ferraday
Rock Hudson
Boris Vaslov
Ernest Borgnine
David Jones
Patrick McGoohan
Captain Leslie Anders
Jim Brown
Lieutenant Russell Walker
Tony Bill
Admiral Garvey
Lloyd Nolan
Colonel Ostrovsky
Alf Kjellin
Lieutenant Commander Bob Raeburn
Gerald S O'Loughlin
Lieutenant Jonathan Hansen
Ted Hartley
Lieutenant George Mills
Murray Rose
Paul Zabrinczski
Ron Masak
Lieutenant Edgar Hackett
Sherwood Price
Dr Jack Benning
Joseph Bernard
John Sturges
Douglas Heyes
James C Pratt
Michel Legrand
Director of photography
Daniel L Fapp
Martin Ransohoff

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