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Duration: 30 minutes

First broadcast: on BBC One HDLatest broadcast: on BBC Three HD

Ronnie refuses to let Roxy and Dean use The Albert for their engagement party, claiming it’s booked out. Roxy heads to the Mitchell’s to invite them to the party – everyone’s unimpressed and already knows the news thanks to Ronnie. Ronnie firmly tells Roxy that Dean’s dangerous and Phil backs her up, claiming they don’t want the likes of Dean in the family - an upset Roxy flounces out. Later, Dean reminds Ronnie that it’d only take one phone call to the police to make her life difficult. Roxy’s thrilled when Dean manages to secure Ian’s restaurant for the party. Ronnie arrives at the party adamant that she hasn’t come to cause trouble - she apologises for her attitude and states that she was hoping to make things up to the pair.

Ronnie reminds Roxy that she’s only protective because she cares so much – the pair toast to Roxy’s happiness. When Roxy heads off to the toilet, Ronnie takes Roxy’s phone and texts Dean. Dean arrives at The Albert, expecting to be met by Roxy, but it’s Ronnie who’s waiting for him. As he approaches, Ronnie hits record on Roxy’s phone. Ronnie coldly asks Dean how much it’d cost for him to leave Roxy for good. Dean’s not fooled by Ronnie’s tricks and opens her handbag to find Roxy’s phone recording their conversation. Dean tells Ronnie that once he and Roxy are settled down, she’ll never see her again. Ronnie brands Dean as being just like Archie, but Dean antagonises Ronnie by claiming it’s her that’s like her father. A furious Ronnie loses control and begins smashing up The Albert...

Mick heads round to Sonia’s to see Elaine and questions whether she’s told Linda about him and Shirley meeting up – she hasn’t. Elaine gives Mick a choice – either he comes clean, or he can explain to Linda why she’s gone back to Watford. Elaine and Mick gather Lee, Nancy and Aunt Babe, and Mick comes clean. Lee’s angry at Mick for going behind Linda’s back and storms out – Nancy’s equally unimpressed. Buster’s surprised when he comes home to find Mick over. Shirley fills Buster in on her and Mick’s situation. At the engagement party, a drunken Lee swings for Buster when he tries to stop him from spilling the truth about Mick and Shirley to Dean.

Buster takes Lee to the café to sober up. Lee confesses that he feels like there’s nothing worth getting out of bed for and that he isn’t taking his anti-depressants. Lee’s given food for thought when Buster shares an anecdote about an ex-prison mate who had depression; even the toughest minds need help sometimes. Buster escorts Lee back to the Vic where Lee apologises to Mick for kicking off earlier and states that if Linda’s okay with the situation, then he is too. Having seen the effect that Buster’s talk has had on Lee, Mick invites Shirley and Buster to his and Linda’s wedding. As an elated Shirley hugs Mick, Linda walks through the door and is gobsmacked.

A hungover Billy tells Jay that he left a drunken voicemail on Honey’s answerphone last night and can’t remember what he said. At Roxy and Dean’s engagement party, Billy is shocked when Honey and Will show up. Billy apologises to Honey for his voicemail, but Honey’s not listened to it. Billy’s thrilled when Honey suggests heading back to his so that she can tuck Janet in, but panics when Jay reminds him of the Blades stock that he has stashed.

As Kim wakes up in Vincent’s house, she ignores Denise knocking on the door. An eager Vincent suggests that Pearl spend the day with them, but Kim reckons that she should sneak home and pretend as though last night never happened; she was drunk. Vincent hands Kim a set of a keys and suggests that while he’s out, she gets used to the place and sees how it feels. Back at Patrick’s, Denise suggests that she thinks Kim’s letting Vincent buy her. At the engagement party, Kim hands Vincent back his keys and states that she needs to know that he isn’t trying to buy her and Pearl back. Vincent sits Kim down and assures her that he loves her – his house isn’t a home without her and Pearl.

Tamwar suggests to Nancy that Elaine did have a point when she reiterated how they’re from different backgrounds. Later, Tamwar’s surprised when Nancy chooses French and Bollywood DVDs for them to watch together; he comments that she’s trying too hard. Nancy tells Tamwar that he was right earlier – they shouldn’t pretend it’s not an issue that his religion is important to him. When Tamwar goes to check on Kamil, Nancy curiously picks up his Quran. Show less


Ronnie Mitchell:
Samantha Womack
Dean Wicks:
Matt Di Angelo
Roxy Mitchell:
Rita Simons
Phil Mitchell:
Steve McFadden
Sharon Mitchell:
Letitia Dean
Ben Mitchell:
Harry Reid
Abi Branning:
Lorna Fitzgerald
Jay Brown:
Jamie Borthwick
Billy Mitchell:
Perry Fenwick
Honey Mitchell:
Emma Barton
Paul Coker:
Jonny Labey
Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb:
Ricky Norwood
Denise Fox:
Diane Parish
Vincent Hubbard:
Richard Blackwood
Kim Fox-Hubbard:
Tameka Empson
Babe Smith:
Annette Badland
Shirley Carter:
Linda Henry
Andrew 'Buster' Briggs:
Karl Howman
Mick Carter:
Danny Dyer
Linda Carter:
Kellie Bright
Whitney Dean:
Shona McGarty
Nancy Carter:
Maddy Hill
Elaine Peacock:
Maria Friedman
Sonia Fowler:
Natalie Cassidy
Tamwar Masood:
Himesh Patel
Amy Mitchell:
Abbie Knowles
Janet Mitchell:
Grace undefined
Will Mitchell:
Freddie Phillips
Executive Producer:
Dominic Treadwell-Collins

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