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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Gabriel hates pimping more each day, and when DCI Donald threatens to arrest him unless he grasses on Sean, his day goes from bad to worse. Because Gabriel values his own and Michael's lives, he refuses. Sean worries Angie has overheard his plans about an arms deal and demands Gabriel take her to Newcastle. Angie begs Gabriel to help her escape - the house there is like a prison. Gabriel is reluctant until he learns Angie helped Nicole get away from Cameron Tennant. Gabriel gets Angie to scratch his face to make Sean believe she attacked Gabriel and escaped. Stevie inadvertently witnesses the fake attack. To thank Gabriel, Angie warns him about Sean's arms deal. Back at The Ship, Sean closes off the pool room in preparation for the meet. He is furious when Gabriel tells him Angie got away, but is distracted by a call. Gabriel takes the chance to check out Sean's 'briefcase' which contains a sub-machine gun. Gabriel tells Lenny about Donald's threat, thinking that the arms deal will give him leverage. Lenny warns him against grassing, but Gabriel does contact Donald, who negotiates Gabriel's freedom only if he gives him Lenny. To Gabriel's surprise, Angie returns fearful that she's been followed. When Sean comes across them, Gabriel lies about finding her. Sean threatens that if he doesn't hear Angie's in Newcastle in a few hours, Gabriel's a dead man. Gabriel persuades a reluctant Nicole to look after Angie at the house. Nicole is shocked to realise that Gabriel has been working for Sean as a pimp. While the two girls muse over what different paths their lives have taken, Gabriel appeals to Lenny to take Sean out. Lenny refuses, but agrees to help Gabriel who then confronts Donald - arms deal, but no Lenny. Donald agrees. Lenny is enraged that Gabriel might have grassed him up, but agrees to find out more about the meet after Gabe assures him he didn't betray him. Unable to get any information, Lenny suggests Gabriel leave town. Gabriel can't even say a proper goodbye to Leyla. However, he does reconcile with Nicole and is about to head off with Angie when Raymond rings - the meet is on, now. Gabriel alerts Donald. The Armed Response Unit invade the pub, but to Donald's fury, Sean is nowhere to be seen. Gabriel discovers that Sean thinks Lenny was the grass. When Gabriel finds Sean pointing a gun at Lenny, he is about to own up when Lenny steps in, reminding Sean that the cops are everywhere. If he shoots, they'll take him out. Sean scuttles off, leaving Lenny admiring Gabriel's loyalty. Shaken, Gabriel is relieved to send Angie to London, and deeply touched to be invited to dinner back in the bosom of his family.

Raymond reinstates Stevie as barman, flummoxed but relieved by Sean's disinterest. Deek hopes Raymond will help him find the man to repair his grandfather's watch and Raymond promises to visit Deek's mother's grave. However, Sean takes the watch off Raymond. Because of the raid, Raymond doesn't meet Deek and lies about losing the watch. Deek accepts. Raymond feels like a heel.

Big Bob returns from the hospital to a warm family welcome but feels smothered by Tatiana, Molly and Scarlett's concern. Feeling useless, he asks Iona if he can work, but is taken aback to learn that she's leaving Shieldinch for her new adventures today. When Madonna runs away in Big Bob's care, he has a panic attack. Deek calls Miriam, who quiets Big Bob, but Tatiana calls him out for trying to do too much. However, when Iona knocks on the door to say goodbye, they remember their own decision to enjoy life while they can and promise each other to do just that. Meantime, Stella, Bob and Deek bid farewell to Iona, who heads off to her new life, full of excitement and anticipation. Show less


Gabriel Brodie:
Garry Sweeney
Tony Reid:
Calum Cormack
DCI Donald:
Robin Laing
Stevie Burns:
Paul-James Corrigan
Iona McIntyre:
Claire Knight
Deek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
Tatiana O'Hara:
Magdalena Kaleta
Bob O'Hara:
Tom Urie
Molly O'Hara:
Una McLean
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Christina O'Hara:
Caitlin Gillespie
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Leyla Brodie:
Maryam Hamidi
Lenny Murdoch:
Frank Gallagher
DC Will Cooper:
Scott Vickers
Nicole Brodie:
Holly Jack
Bob Adams:
Stephen Purdon
Stella Adams:
Keira Lucchesi
Zinnie Hassoun:
Nalini Chetty
Liz Hamilton:
Eileen McCallum
Malcolm Hamilton:
Johnny Beattie
Eileen Donachie:
Deirdre Davis
Angela Galvin

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