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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Will is spending time at Deek's flat much to the annoyance of Zinnie and Deek. Off the cuff, Robbie suggests Will think about moving in permanently. Will heads to work with a distracted and moody Donald who is determined to tie the dead girl, Alicia, to Sean Kennedy. When examining Alicia's mugshot, Will spots a tattoo that he recognises on a faceless girl standing next to Alicia. But Donald isn't convinced and sets Will to work on a pile of missing persons reports. Will finds a connection to Angie in the reports but can't find an address for her. He goes to speak to Nicole whom he knows met Angie but Nicole is unable to help. Will finally makes a breakthrough when a former colleague gives him an address for Angie but Angie claims that she's never met Alicia. Will points out the tattoo in the photo - big coincidence, huh? He detains Angie and interviews her at the station where she denies any knowledge of Sean. Frustrated, Will threatens to plant evidence in Angie's flat unless she tells Will all about Sean. Donald hauls Will out of the interview room and, though impressed with his lead, criticises his manner and quickly takes over the interview. Donald tries to charm Angie but she's having none of it. She offers to give them Alicia's last address if she can go home. Donald accepts this but Will is seething. Will discovers Robbie has sent him a bouquet of flowers to his office and is less than pleased when Robbie calls to check if he got them. Curt and tense over the phone, Will tells Robbie he won't be able to continue with him if this is the way things will be. Meanwhile, Sean has appeared in Shieldinch to meet Lenny when Nicole spots him. Stevie sees how scared she is. Will heads to the address Angie has given them but when he follows two hooded figures into the building he is assaulted. Donald discovers a bloodied Will after he arrives at the scene. Will confirms that there's nothing of interest at the address so they revisit Angie. Donald is making progress with Angie when Will loses his patience and demands answers. Angie kicks them both out of her flat and Donald rounds on Will. Will accuses Donald of having a problem with his sexuality but Donald claims it is Will's unprofessionalism that is the main problem. He'll now only do grunt work on the case. Will goes to Robbie to apologise for his earlier mood and tells him that he is the only thing that gets him through the day. Meanwhile, Stevie convinces Nicole to speak to the police. Will comes over and Nicole goes with him to see Angie. Nicole thanks Angie for helping her and tries to convince her to help the police. Angie can't say anything concrete for fear of her life but she does confirm Will's suspicions that Sean is connected to Alicia. Will tells an impressed Donald but they both know they still don't have anything concrete on Sean. Will arrives back at the pub and accepts Robbie's offer to move in.

Sean turns up in Shieldinch to see Lenny and suggests they go into business together. Lenny refuses but Sean sees that Gabriel might be interested. Gabriel considers the offer even after Jimmy warns him that Sean's dangerous. Gabriel meets Sean behind Lenny's back and uses Arcade money to put down the deposit. Later, Sean invites Gabriel to work for him. Gabriel declines but if Sean needs any help in the future he knows who to call.

It's Tatiana's birthday and Big Bob suggests a quiet night in. Tattie's up for it until Scarlett and Kelly-Marie demand a big night out. Bob is not happy and feels unappreciated. Tattie looking gorgeous in her new top makes things even worse and later, Bob discovers that his lucky shirt has become too small for him. A paranoid Bob arrives at the pub and thinks that everyone is laughing at him. When he storms out Tattie realises how low his self esteem has become. Bob tells her to go back to her party and trudges off alone. Show less


Robbie Fraser:
Gary Lamont
DC Will Cooper:
Scott Vickers
Zinnie Hassoun:
Nalini Chetty
Deek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
DCI Donald:
Robin Laing
Bob O'Hara:
Tom Urie
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Tatiana O' Hara:
Magdalena Kaleta
Christina O'Hara:
Caitlin Gillespie
Hayley McCrone:
Pamela Byrne
Nicole Brodie:
Holly Jack
Stevie Burns:
Paul-James Corrigan
Leyla Brodie:
Maryam Hamidi
Lenny Murdoch:
Frank Gallagher
Gabriel Brodie:
Garry Sweeney
Molly O'Hara:
Una McLean
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Kelly-Marie Adams:
Carmen Pieraccini
Angela Galvin
Fiona Walton

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