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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

Leyla's affair with Gabriel is suddenly providing her with the much needed attention that she has been missing from Michael and, while she feels guilty, she is revelling in the thrill of her clandestine relationship. So when Gabriel invites her round for an afternoon tumble, she quite happily cancels her lunch engagement with Michael. However, when her necklace goes missing she begins to get nervous. Gabriel left his phone at her house earlier and now this - isn't this how people get caught? Leyla returns home for a shower, only to be nearly caught out by Nicole, however, Leyla covers by saying she was home preparing for that evening's Burns Supper. Later, a nervous Leyla speaks to Gabriel - she's having the time of her life, but there's too much at stake and they're sailing too close to the wind - she thinks they need to cool it for a bit. When the subway station goes on fire, the staff of the Health Centre are sprung into action. As Leyla is helping Michael attend to the injured, Gabriel turns up looking for Stella. When he realises she's trapped in the fire, he goes in after her - much to Leyla's horror. Leyla spends a nervous few minutes waiting for Gabriel, before he resurfaces with an unconscious Stella in his arms. Almost losing him is too much for Leyla, and she collapses crying into an unaware Michael's arms. Later, at the Burns Supper, Gabriel arrives having discharged himself from hospital. It's a normal family event, though slightly charged by Gabriel and Leyla's secret relationship. When Gabriel goes to leave, Leyla trails him out - she tells him she can't bear to lose him, but at the same time she won't leave Michael. They part with nothing resolved but their affection for one another remains undiminished.

Nicole and Stevie are getting serious about their relationship, and so Stevie goes to the Health Centre to get a full check up for STDs. Spurred on by this good news, and knowing that her parents will be away from work over lunch, Nicole goes to speak to Dr Dan to get a prescription for the pill. She is her usual cocky self and insists that this conversation is between her and Dan. However, Dan gets through to her and stresses the importance of her emotional health. Nicole takes this on board and speaks to Leyla about her relationship with Stevie. Leyla encourages her to be sensible, after all she's only fifteen and the back of Stevie's van is hardly a venue conducive to romance. So when Stevie uses the distraction of the subway fire to get a hold of Gina and Murray's keys (they've left them with Raymond while they go on holiday) Nicole jumps at the chance to get some time alone with him. However, Zinnie spots Stevie taking the keys and, determined to get one back after he insulted her earlier, she phones the police to report a burglary. Basking in a post-coital glow, Stevie is rudely interrupted by the police who arrest him for housebreaking while an unaware Nicole enjoys dinner with her family (despite Michael's anger about her being on the pill).

Dr Dan is feeling sorry for himself after the events of last week, but is determined to get back on the right track - starting with making amends with Kelly Marie. However, he has the small matter of a lawsuit with Murray to contend with. But Dan demonstrates he still has integrity with his treatment of Nicole, and after Michael sorts out the business with Murray, it seems that he still has friends - even if Kelly Marie isn't one of them. But when the subway disaster happens, he demonstrates a natural instinct for a cool head, and courage under fire. However, this instinct is also what frightens him, and his lack of control is what has such an adverse affect on other aspects of his life - as he tells Tatiana. But Tatiana encourages him to not let fear stop him from living. He takes this advice and proceeds to make amends with Kelly Marie. Show less


Leyla Brodie:
Maryam Hamidi
Adeeb Brodie:
Taryam Boyd
Conor Brodie:
Rian John Gordon
Michael Brodie:
Andy Clark
Nicole Brodie:
Holly Jack
Dan Hunter:
Adam Robertson
Kelly-Marie Adams:
Carmen Pieraccini
Tatiana O' Hara:
Magdalena Kaleta
Stevie Burns:
Paul-James Corrigan
Christina O'Hara:
Caitlin Gillespie
Eileen Henderson:
Deirdre Davis
Gina Hamilton:
Libby McArthur
Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Murray Crozier:
Brian Cowan
Zinnie Hassoun:
Nalini Chetty
Stella Walker:
Keira Lucchesi
Annie Sobacz:
Reanne Farley
Lenny Murdoch:
Frank Gallagher
Robbie Fraser:
Gary Lamont
Hayley McCrone:
Pamela Byrne
Deek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
Bob Adams:
Stephen Purdon
Bob O'Hara:
Tom Urie
PC Gibb:
Ronnie Simon
Fiona Walton

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