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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

Lenny's solicitor Hamish visits Amber in jail and discovers that she is being harassed and threatened by other inmates. Hamish tells a distraught Lenny there is no way to fix it and get her out unless Fraser changes his story. Lenny approaches a guarded Murray who refuses to ask his son to help. Meanwhile, Kelly-Marie is unsure about keeping Callum's paternity a secret because she doesn't want her boy to grow up resenting her. Scarlett makes her promise not to expose the truth and bring Lenny in to their lives but Kelly-Marie is moved by Lenny's devotion to Amber as he pleads with Malcolm to try and make her see sense. Malcolm implores Amber to let Lenny do the jail time and Lenny sees hope when Malcolm says she wants him to visit. Hope turns to despair when Amber tells him she is moving to another prison and does not want to see him again. Lenny drinks alone before visiting McCabe's graveside, closely watched by another mourner. Any thoughts of revealing the truth to Lenny are quashed when Kelly-Marie sees him roughing up Murray and levelling a handsome stranger (Dr Dan) who tries to stop the attack. Later, Jimmy finds a drunk, maudlin Lenny on the street staring up at the Amber Cabs sign. When he brings him into the office Lenny tells Jimmy he's leaving town and asks him to run the business. Scarlett is ecstatic when she hears about Lenny's plan to leave town and is even more delighted when Kelly-Marie declares she'll never reveal her secret. Kelly-Marie heads to Ewan's grave to apologise for the fact that his son will never know his father, but who should she run in to? Lenny Murdoch, who is there saying goodbye to Ewan before leaving Shieldinch. Lenny's mind races when he sees Callum (who resembles Ewan at that age) and when he questions Kelly-Marie about the boy she makes a feeble excuse and runs away with her son. Maybe he has a reason to stay around after all. Back at the Tall Ship he sips a whisky and buys an unfamiliar pretty lady a drink - the same mysterious woman we saw watching Lenny at McCabe's funeral. Gabriel arrives promising Lenny he will soon have the money together to buy out the arcade. But Lenny tells him there's no need. There's been a change of plan. Lenny's going nowhere.

Gabriel intervenes when he witnesses a young ned, Ally, and Conor bullying Nicole. Michael is too busy to listen when Gabriel tries to alert him and Leyla thanks Gabriel for the info but insists they don't need his help to sort it. Leyla arrives home and stops Ally and Conor teasing Nicole. When Gabriel arrives, he tells Conor that while he fought with Michael as a boy, they were always united against the outside world. Gabriel promises that neither Michael nor the school will find out and Conor opens up explaining that he just wants to fit in. Gabriel says the coolest people walk their own path and Conor agrees not to pander to idiots at school anymore. Leyla is uncertain about not telling Michael but doesn't mention it to him when he arrives home with news that he has found a new partner for the Health Centre. The kids are grateful and Leyla has seen a very different side to Gabriel.

Bob asks Stella away for a weekend and then to dinner with his entire clan. Stella is reluctant because things are moving pretty fast for one so new to this dating lark, but she's not confident enough to tell Bob how she feels. She tries and fails to get out of dinner by offering to do an extra shift at the Oyster. When the singles flat is ruled out as a venue, Stella is gutted that Deek agrees to them using his flat. Armed with a frozen lasagne from Gina and cooking instructions from Deek, Stella is ploughing ahead until Zinnie arrives to wind her up about her appearance. While an insecure Stella undergoes a drastic makeover, the lasagne burns. When Bob arrives, Stella lets fly at him saying she never wanted to do this. They make up and Bob tells her they can cancel the evening but a calmer Stella has a better idea and she sits down to a fish supper with the in-laws, sans make-up. Scarlett wonders what's keeping an absent Kelly-Marie (she's at the cemetery) and gloats about the prospect of life without Lenny. Don't go counting those chickens Scarlett! Show less


Hamish Johnston:
Stewart Preston
Kelly-Marie Adams:
Carmen Pieraccini
Lenny Murdoch:
Frank Gallagher
Liz Buchanan:
Eileen McCallum
Malcolm Hamilton:
Johnny Beattie
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Nicole Brodie:
Holly Jack
Conor Brodie:
Rian John Gordon
Annie Sobacz:
Reanne Farley
Adeeb Brodie:
Taryam Boyd
Gabriel Brodie:
Garry Sweeney
Leyla Brodie:
Maryam Hamidi
Michael Brodie:
Andy Clark
Murray Crozier:
Brian Cowan
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Bob Adams:
Stephen Purdon
Stella Walker:
Keira Lucchesi
Iona McIntyre:
Claire Knight
Charlie Bowie:
Ryan Smith
Molly O'Hara:
Una McLean
Gina Hamilton:
Libby McArthur
Frances Keener:
Andrea Hart
DI Donald:
Robin Laing
Dan Hunter:
Adam Robertson
Deek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Pat Harkins

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