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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

Big Bob's on cloud nine. He's moving back in with his ma so he and Tattie can get more privacy and he presents Tattie with a key to the flat. In his mind, things can't get any better. The problem is - Tattie's keeping a secret. She tries to come clean but Bob needs to dash into work and the opportunity is gone. The mystery is soon revealed when Tattie's teenage daughter, Christina, unexpectedly arrives in Shieldinch. Tattie's plan is to hide Christina until she can tell Bob the truth but it soon becomes clear Christina isn't the only secret Tattie's been keeping. Unfortunately, Christina doesn't stay hidden for long and, after the initial shock of finding a stranger in her flat, Molly soon gets all the details - Tattie has lost her job, she and Christina are homeless and Tattie faces deportation. Molly is in her element.

When Bob finally tracks Tatiana down and discovers the truth, he is hurt that she could deceive him like this. Matters are made worse when Christina inadvertently reveals that Tatiana is still married. Devastated by all the lies, Bob barges out the door and heads to the Tall Ship to drown his mounting sorrows. Meanwhile, Molly's seen enough and asks Tatiana and Christina to leave immediately. Pleased with her work, Molly announces to Bob that she has sent Tatiana and Christina packing. But things don't quite go as Molly planned as, realising he could lose Tatiana for good, Bob dashes out to find her. Bob catches Tatiana and Christina at the Underground. Tattie explains that her marriage has been over for years. Bob is desperate for her to stay and even tells her he thinks he might love her. She thinks she might love him too, but she's being deported. Bob thinks he knows of a way he can help her. Arriving back at the Tall Ship with Tatiana and Christina in tow, Big Bob orders up champagne to celebrate. He announces to a stunned Molly and Iona that he and Tatiana are getting married.

It's Stella's birthday but she's keeping it on the down low. When Deek finds out, he sees it as a way of winning back Stella's affections. He goes all out to make today about him and Stella, he even hides a postcard from Bob. But there's only one man on Stella's mind - Bob. Deek tries to get Stella to forget about Bob and explains that he still really likes her but Stella is forced to make it clear that she doesn't feel that way about Deek anymore. It's never going to happen. Gallant in his heartbreak, Deek walks Stella home and apologises for his behaviour. He asks how Stella truthfully feels about Bob and, for the first time, Stella admits that she does like him a lot. Deek wonders if they'll get together when Bob returns but Stella isn't so sure, she doesn't know how Bob feels and he didn't even contact her on her birthday. They part as friends and Deek is left alone with Bob's postcard burning a hole in his pocket. Moments later, Deek does the right thing and posts the card through Stella's letterbox.

Michael is in sergeant major mode over breakfast, barking orders at everybody. Gabriel advises Michael to back off and cut the kids some slack, reminding him of how things were when they were growing up. Michael doesn't appreciate parenting advice from fatherless Gabriel. But something Gabe said sinks in and Michael gives the kids a fatherly lecture about honesty and openness. He wants them to be able to talk to both him and Leyla about any concerns they may have. Despite his best efforts, Michael still manages to make Nicole feel like she's to blame. In his efforts to fix the problems in his family and bring them together in harmony, Michael might just be making Nicole feel even more isolated.

Jimmy's still secretly working for McCabe but now Fraser wants to muscle in. As McCabe and Fraser get to know on another, Jimmy is sent on a job. He's to collect a stash of counterfeit notes and keep them safe. Knowing Bob's away, Jimmy thinks the garage is a safe bet. Jimmy phones McCabe later that night and informs him that the money is safe. Little does he know that Deek has pocketed the key to the drawer. What's going to happen when Jimmy needs to go and retrieve his package? Show less


Adeeb Brodie:
Taryam Boyd
Annie Sobacz:
Reanne Farley
Bob O'Hara:
Tom Urie
Conor Brodie:
Rian John Gordon
Deek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
Gabriel Brodie:
Garry Sweeney
Iona McIntyre:
Claire Knight
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Leyla Brodie:
Maryam Hamidi
Thomas McCabe:
Billy McElhaney
Michael Brodie:
Andy Clark
Molly O'Hara:
Una McLean
Nicole Brodie:
Holly Jack
Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Robbie Fraser:
Gary Lamont
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Stella Walker:
Keira Lucchesi
Lizzie Gray
Stuart Davids

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