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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC Two Scotland

Deek wakes up in a state and not for the first time. With his friends each turning their back on him, he decides it's time for a change, starting today. He cleans himself up and volunteers for shifts in the pub. Raymond is reluctant but doesn't want to derail this new positive turn so agrees. Deek also offers to reinvest in Montego Motors but Bob turns him down - he's learned that it's too risky mixing business and friendship. Deek is stung, but does his best to hide it. When Deek starts his shift in the bar it's not long before he's rubbing Scarlett up the wrong way. Deek starts to wonder why he's bothering making all this effort if he's not getting any credit for it. He takes a quick drink to calm his nerves but of course it's the beginning of a slippery slope.

As the night wears on, Deek's drunken behaviour becomes jealous and aggressive. He tries squaring up to Charlie but ends up humiliated in front of the pub. His anger escalates and he turns on everyone. Frustrated at getting the brush off from Stella he follows her home to have it out with her. Deek is forceful with Stella but Bob arrives in the nick of time. Bob punches his best friend and takes Stella home, leaving Deek barely conscious in the close. The next morning Deek wakes up on George's bench, hung-over and bruised. He's a complete mess. He breaks into an old caravan to be alone. Meanwhile, Bob and Raymond grow concerned for Deek's whereabouts. When they track him down Raymond finds it hard to hear what Deek has to say about Alice and leaves. Bob is left to look after Deek.

As the boys talk Bob eventually starts to get through to his friend and Deek admits that he wanted to hurt Stella last night because she pushed him away. He thinks he could have and would have if Bob hadn't appeared and stopped him. It's a brave but terrifying admission for Deek and Bob is supportive, assuring him he's not a bad person. He listens as Deek talks about his mum, blaming himself for her death because he wasn't there to help her. Bob comforts his friend as he breaks down and sobs in his arms. It's a breakthrough for Deek, and he agrees to make an appointment with the doctor to seek professional help to deal with his grief. But he recognises there's something else he has to do. He knocks on a door and it's opened by Stella. He's come to apologise. Stella hesitates for a second before letting him in to her flat so he can start to make amends.

Raymond tries to convince Eileen that they need to tell Social Services that she's pregnant. Eileen tells him she'll think about it. Caitlin overhears Liz talking to Eileen about the pregnancy. Eileen is quick to hush Liz for fear of Caitlin finding out, but it's too late. Without letting on she knows, Caitlin relays her fears to Eileen. Eileen does her best to cover and later tells Raymond that they absolutely can't tell Social Services the truth - it's not lying, just failing to tell them something. Raymond isn't happy about the idea and points out that they won't be able to keep the pregnancy a secret for very long. Eileen claims they'll keep it to themselves for as long as they can and then plead ignorance about the need to declare it when they get found out. She hopes that by that time Caitlin will be so settled in her new home with them that Social Services won't want to take her away again. Raymond still isn't keen and when he attempts to raise the subject with Caitlin, she reveals that she knows about Eileen's pregnancy. She tells Raymond that she can keep a secret but he counsels her against lying. However, after witnessing Deek's breakdown Raymond comes to realise the value of a stable home and the potential to Caitlin's future if she's sent to another family. The moment of truth arrives for Raymond when the social worker arrives to check up on Caitlin's progress. Much to Eileen and Caitlin's relief, Raymond decides not to mention the pregnancy. But how long can the trio keep their little secret?

As Bob and Iona rehearse for their latest gig Iona expresses concern that their sound isn't quite right. Keen to keep Iona to himself, Bob does his best to counter her concerns. Iona is having none of it and quits the band. Bob is gutted, but soon seizes upon an opportunity to lure Iona back when Liz tells him about her friend's grandson Drew - a bit of a geeky loner who happens to be a fantastic guitarist. It might be just the thing the band needs. Feeling sure a geek can only make him look good in Iona's eyes Bob agrees to audition him. Iona is pleased and agrees to rejoin the band. But when Drew arrives for his audition Bob is horrified to discover that poor little geeky Drew seems to have blossomed into a good-looking, talented musician. Iona is immediately impressed and Bob has no choice but to let Drew join the band. Their gig is a big success and, much to Bob's frustration, it looks like Drew is here to stay. Show less


Derek Henderson:
Gordon McCorkell
Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Eileen Donachie:
Deirdre Davis
Bob Adams:
Stephen Purdon
Mrs Allison:
Linda Cuthbert
Iona McIntyre:
Claire Knight
Bob O'Hara:
Tom Urie
Liz Buchanan:
Eileen McCallum
Stella Walker:
Keira Lucchesi
Charlie Bowie:
Ryan Smith
Gina Hamilton:
Libby McArthur
Murray Crozier:
Brian Cowan
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Stuart Davids

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