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River City


Duration: 1 hour

First broadcast: on BBC One ScotlandLatest broadcast: on BBC One Scotland

It's the day of Eileen's consultation for her termination and Liz is worried. Having met Raymond she's convinced that Eileen hasn't told him about the baby. Liz lets slip to Malcolm that Eileen is pregnant, and he's convinced Raymond should be told the truth. Eileen's preparing to attend her appointment with a heavy heart. After a bit of prompting from Raymond, Malcolm reveals the truth about Eileen's pregnancy. Raymond is flabbergasted.

Jimmy's troubled by Theresa's constant presence at the Mullens' house. Theresa 'asks' Jimmy and Scarlett to look after some electronics that might 'come her way' soon. In response Jimmy forces her out of the house. Theresa makes it clear she'll get her way on this - or else Bob will learn the truth. Scarlett begs Jimmy to keep quiet about the money from the pub. Jimmy stays silent, unable to betray his wife's secret but not willing to bend to Theresa's will.

Lee sees that Scarlett isn't on top of her game running Hola. He recognises an opportunity for him to isolate Amber further and swiftly 'sacks' Scarlett from her role. Scarlett's pleased as she has far too much on her plate with Theresa. Lee spins Amber a different tale, telling her Scarlett is not classy enough for Hola, and now he's run off his feet coping alone. Amber feels guilty as Lee spins her a sob story about how overworked he is and how he thought she would care more about keeping her business afloat. Lee comforts her by telling her he'll sort everything out...

Raymond confronts Eileen and a row erupts. He's raging with Eileen for not telling him about the baby. Then Eileen drops another bombshell - she's having an abortion too. Raymond is horrified. Eileen refuses to bend and heads off to her sister's. Gina is surprisingly supportive of Eileen's decisions. While she doesn't believe in abortion herself, she believes it's Eileen's decision to make.

At Raymond's lowest ebb he gets a call from the social worker, to let him know she's got an emergency case for them that evening.

Lee spins Gordon a sorry tale - Amber would never tell him herself but she really wants to run the family business, as it's the last link she has to her mum, but she's too guilty to ask Gordon for time off. Gordon is horrified - poor soul! She must take as much time as she needs. Lee is pleased. Her salon friends are confused - why is Amber resigning at a time when she needs folk around her more than ever?

The social worker turns up at The Tall Ship with Caitlin, a traumatised 14-year-old. Raymond's been unable to contact Eileen and he's forced to settle Caitlin in alone. The following morning Eileen heads back to the Tall Ship. Raymond's furious with her for vanishing and introduces her to their new foster daughter. Eileen is guilt-ridden.

Jimmy finds a highly-strung Scarlett serving in The Ship. He clocks Theresa and Bob having a friendly drink together. When Theresa comes to the bar and pulls an extortion trick, she almost comes to blows with Jimmy. He's about to go public with her schemes but Bob's arrival at the bar stops him. Bob tells Scarlett and Jimmy that Theresa is going to give him some extra money if he lets her store 'stuff' at the garage. Bob questions whether this is kosher and Scarlett's forced to lie to him - Theresa would never use Bob to store dodgy goods, she's family...

Meanwhile, Eileen and Raymond struggle to keep their problems under wraps. Caitlin senses the tension and misinterprets their sniping as being about her presence. Already emotionally unstable, poor Caitlin can't cope with this 'rejection' and takes an overdose of pills.

Raymond and Eileen find Caitlin and manage to get her to the hospital in time. The social worker is pleased that their quick thinking saved the day. Raymond and Eileen are full of guilt that their 'neglect' of Caitlin may have led to her attempted overdose. They beg Caitlin's forgiveness - they've screwed up but it was never about not wanting her. They want her very much. Caitlin comes out of her shell a little and tells them about herself and her feelings of not being wanted. Raymond and Eileen realise over the course of the conversation that they have so much to give and that they're best friends. They're in it for the long haul.

When Robbie queries her shock resignation Amber's left confused. Lee thinks on his feet and claims it's a case of crossed wires. He thought it's what she wanted - to spend more time with him and in Hola? Obviously he was wrong... Amber relents. Lee knows what's best - the resignation stands.

Jimmy makes a deal with Theresa - he offers to store the stuff for her as long as she stops involving Scarlett and Bob. This agreement doesn't last long and Theresa reneges on her deal. At a loss, Jimmy and Scarlett try to figure out a way to get rid of her...

Eileen tells Raymond she was wrong. As friends they love each other dearly and would make great parents. She wants to keep the baby and raise it with Raymond, who's overjoyed. Show less


Raymond Henderson:
Paul Samson
Malcolm Hamilton:
Johnny Beattie
Liz Buchanan:
Eileen McCallum
Eileen Donachie:
Deirdre Davis
Amber Murdoch:
Lorna Anderson
Gina Hamilton:
Libby McArthur
Scarlett Mullen:
Sally Howitt
Jimmy Mullen:
Billy McElhaney
Theresa O'Hara:
Maureen Carr
Robbie Fraser:
Gary Lamont
Gordon Swan:
Sandy Welch
Hayley McCrone:
Pamela Byrne
Ruth Rossi:
Morag Calder
Mrs Allison:
Linda Cuthbert
Emma Turner
Jim Shields

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