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Star Trek Night

on BBC Two England

7.15 Star Trek Night Introduction
Craig Charles introduces an evening of programmes to celebrate 30 years of the fantastic universe created by Gene Roddenberry.
(See today's choices) (Stereo)
(See our 18-page Star Trek special: page 27; Andrew Duncan interviews Leonard Nimoy: page 28; Reader offer: page 44)

7.20 To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before
Peter Smith sets out to find the ultimate Trekker as five contestants battle it out in an intergalactic mission through the logical and illogical rounds of Trek trivia to win a night with the stars of Star Trek.

Followed by Star Trekkers
Comedian and actress Josie Lawrence reveals her admiration for Captain Picard, and Labour MP Paul Boateng considers Lt Uhura as a black role model.
(Videoplus (including PDC) 7.15-8.00pm)

8.00 Science: the Final Frontier
The world of Captain Kirk portrays a fantastic future, but how plausible are warp drives, transporters and photon torpedoes? Eminent scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose and Lawrence Krauss, author of "The Physics of Star Trek", describe how Star Trek science fiction measures up to real-life science fact. Star Trek's science adviser Andre Bormanis explains how he tries to keep one step ahead of reality, while still presenting a plausible vision of the future, and experts at the cutting edge of science describe how they are experimenting with Star Trek's vision and coming up with answers of their own. (Stereo)

9.00 Spoof Trek
Over the years many comedians have seen the funny side of the Star Trek universe. Alistair McGowan introduces a collection of send-ups inspired by the programme.

Followed by Star Trekkers
Jonathan Ross recalls his adolescent longing for a girlfriend with blue skin, and artist Damien Hirst contemplates the Borg.

9.25 Star Trek Story
Gene Roddenberry's Utopian vision of humanity in the 24th century had a profound effect on American viewers. During the height of the Cold War, the tension of the civil rights movement and the jingoism of the Vietnam War, they saw a multicultural crew working together on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Nichelle Nicols, Brent Spiner and others reflect on Star Trek's cultural impact over its 30-year history, and contemplate its future on the small screen.

10.20 Funk Me Up Scotty
In this tribute to the stars, John Peel forages in the archives for a collection of musical performances by Star Trek cast members, as well as various records inspired by Star Trek over the years.

Followed by Star Trekkers
Astronomer Patrick Moore praises the qualities of the eternally logical Mr Spock, and feminist Camille Paglia reveals why she once wrote Data a love letter

10.50 Star Trek: Voyager: Caretaker
The pilot episode of the latest Star Trek series, starring Kate Mulgrew. A group of "freedom fighters" called the Maquis take up arms to combat a new treaty between Cardassia and the Federation. Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager has pursued a Maquis ship into the Badlands, but then both ships are catapulted 70,000 light years into an uncharted quadrant of space.
(Star Trek: the Next Generation continues on Wednesday at 6.00pm) (Stereo)

12.20am Star Trekkers
Shaun Ryder and Kermit from Black Grape yearn for the fantasy world of the Holodeck. (Stereo)

Followed by Weatherview


Craig Charles
Executive Producer:
Nicola Moody
Presenter (To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before):
Peter Smith
Producer (To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before):
Tony Nicholson
Executive Producer (To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before):
Stephen Leahy
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Josie Lawrence
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Paul Boateng
Interviewee (Science:
the Final Frontier): Stephen Hawking
Interviewee (Science:
the Final Frontier): Roger Penrose
Interviewee (Science:
the Final Frontier): Lawrence Krauss
Expert (Science:
the Final Frontier): Andre Bormanis
Director/Producer (Science:
the Final Frontier): Kate O'Sullivan
Presenter (Spoof Trek):
Alistair McGowan
Director/Producer (Spoof Trek):
Michael Wadding
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Jonathan Ross
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Damien Hirst
Producer (Star Trekkers):
Nick Freand Jones
Interviewee (Star Trek Story):
Leonard Nimoy
Interviewee (Star Trek Story):
Patrick Stewart
Interviewee (Star Trek Story):
Nichelle Nicols
Interviewee (Star Trek Story):
Brent Spiner
Director/Producer (Star Trek Story):
Russell England
Director/Producer (Star Trek Story):
Richard Cursonsmith
Presenter (Funk Me Up Scotty):
John Peel
Director (Funk Me Up Scotty):
Michael Wadding
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Patrick Moore
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Camille Paglia
Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek:
Voyager): Kate Mulgrew
Robert Beltran
B'Ellana Torres:
Roxann Biggs-Dawson
Jennifer Lien
Lt Tom Paris:
Robert Duncan McNeill
Doc Zimmerman:
Robert Picardo
Ethan Phillips
Josh Clark
Gul Evek:
Richard Poe
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Shaun Ryder
Interviewee (Star Trekkers):
Kermit [Paul "Kermit" Leveridge]

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